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Senior QA Manager-#703

Client Information


is a global textile and apparel manufacturer with a vertically-integrated supply chain that straddles from cotton to retailing. Our client employs a 58,000 multinational workforce, with manufacturing facilities in China, Malaysia, Mauritius, Sri Lanka and Vietnam, and merchandising offices servicing markets worldwide. Our client manufactures over 100 million pieces of garments annually for leading brands including Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and Nike. Long an advocate in innovation, environmental protection and corporate social responsibility, Our client aspires to make a difference in the textile and apparel industry and contribute to the well-being of a wider community.

Job Information

Senior QA Manager

Primary purpose

  • To  ensure  that  the  product/service (including fabric  and  garment)  that  the  organization provides  is  fit  for  purpose,  is  consistent and  meets  both external  and  internal  requirements. This includes legal compliance and customer expectations.
  • To  monitor  and  advise  on  the  performance of  the  quality  management system,  produce  data  and  report  on  performance, measuring against set standards.
  • To  liaise  with  other  managers and  staff  throughout the  organization  to  ensure  that  the  quality  management system  is  functioning   properly, where  appropriate,   must  advise  on  changes  and  how  to  implement  them  and  provide  training,  tools  and  techniques   to enable  others  to  achieve quality  standards

Typical duties & Responsibilities

  • To  oversee  the  Quality  Assurance (QA)  Department including   Quality  of  Fabric  and  Garment  and  ensure  that  the  QA's  system  meet  up  with the  demand  of company’s requirements.
  • To ensure the product quality meets customers’ specifications and requirements.
  • To  monitor  the  quality  assurance activities  and  to  ensure  effectiveness of  the  system.
  • To  be  able  to  organize  and  direct  QA  team  to  the  right  direction  of  thinking  and  planning  in term  of  quality.
  • To  ensure  the  ISO  9001  quality  management system  to  be  implemented within  the  company  for  continual  improvement PDCA.
  • To  cultivate  best  practice  using  the  right  measurement from  TCT  methodology to  measure  quality performance.
  • To  ensure  effective  planning  through  better  coordination  and  communication with  production  in order  to anticipate  problems
  • To  motivate  and  lead  the  team  to  achieve  high FPY/LAR  and  low  OQL  as  part  of  company  objectives.
  • To  monitor  performance of  Products'  Quality  by  gathering relevant  data  and  producing statistical  reports  accordingly  to  superior.
  • To  follow  up  any  abnormal  issues  or  urgent  maters  and  report  to  superior  with  solution  in urgent  manner.
  • To  empower job  responsibilities through  better  training  of  the  subordinates and  effective  management skill.
  • To  oversee  and  be  part  of  steering  committee  for  ISO  9001  Department   and  carrying  out  the  quality  management system  of  ISO  standard
  • To  ensure  staff  at  all levels  and  functions  within  the  department to   be  aware  of  and  well  trained  and  committed  to  integrated  management system.
  • To  build  the  quality  awareness and  define  quality  procedures in  conjunction with  operating staff  as  well  as  to  make  suggestions for changes and  improvements and  how  to  implement them
  • To  initiate  NCRB/stop production  for  any  major  issues  within  the  discretion
  • To  look  at  ways  to  reduce  waste  (related  to  quality  including  any  reworks,  any  claims  and  any  second  grade  garments)
  • To  conduct  investigation of  customers’ complaints on  product  and  make  sure  the  remedial  measures  were  taken  promptly.
  • To set up and maintain controls and documentation procedures.
  • Any other duties to be assigned by superior.

Qualification & Experience Required

  • University  degree  with  at  least  5 -  7 years  related  experience and/or  training  of  equivalent combination of  education  and  experience.
  • Degree in Quality / Production / Manufacturing / Statistical Management.
  • Preferably  hands  on  experiences in  textile  and  garment  industry

Core competencies to this position

Language skills

  • Ability  to  read  and  interpret  all internal  / external  quality  documents ( records  / manuals  ect.).
  • Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.
  • Ability  to  speak  effectively  before  groups  of  customers or  employees  of  organization.

Communication skills

  • Ability  to  communicate effectively  at  all  levels  internally  within  organization  and  externally  within  all  factories.
  • Clearly identify his/her own opinion towards the problem. By means of effective communication etc.  to  persuade,  encourage  others  to  support their  views  or  implement  the  proposed  program.

Problem solving skills

  • Ability  to apply  common  sense  understanding to  carry  out  instructions   in oral,  written,  or  diagram  format.
  • Ability to address problems in different perspectives. Seek  and  accept  different  viewpoints  and  methods;  Dare  to  try  and  demonstrate creative  problem-solving skills.

Analytical ability

  • Clearly define a problem and apply appropriate principle.  Able  to proceed  data  and  logic  analysis  by  gathering  and  analyzing  to  make  a reasonable  judgment.
  • Critical  thinking  and  be  able  to apply  systematic  approach
  • High  ethical  standard
  • Well  disciplined,  results  oriented  and  a good  team  player
  • Quality  knowledge  and  hands  on  approach
  • Good  communication skills
  • Dynamic  strongly  driven  &  high  motivated
  • Understanding of  Garment  Manufacturing Processes  and  its  quality  requirements /  standards
  • Work  closely  with  all  staffs  / operation   in EGV  with  regards  to all  quality  issues.
  • Liases  with  factories  quality  dept  and  any  other  point  of  contact  established  in project  assigned

General Information

Binh Duong



Quality Assurance / Control (QA/QC)


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Senior QA Manager job closed

Pham Phuong Thuy


+84(08)38244744- ext 113

Senior QA Manager


Binh Duong


Quality Assurance / Control (QA/QC)


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