Working for us

A Consulting Career

Our Culture

Our success is based on a strong culture of teamwork, trust, and a commitment to delivering the right results for our candidates and clients. We select and promote people that enjoy working together and share common values, values that emphasize understanding and supporting each other, and everyone we do business with.

Your Background

We're always interested in meeting people with commercial experience who want to start a career in consulting. We've trained individuals from a variety of backgrounds that have gone on to become highly successful recruiters. What they have in common is that they're well organized, can communicate effectively with different kinds of people, and are able to deliver on the promises they make.

If you can demonstrate a commitment to your career in the past and have a genuine interest in career consultancy (and feel you meet the above requirements) we'd love to hear from you.

A Consultant's Role

Our consultants are there to help clients and candidates make the recruitment and career choices that will serve them best.

In dealing with candidates, you'll be meeting every day with experienced professionals in your specialist market. Each will have a very different resume, attitude to work, and motivation to change jobs. Your role is to allow them to make informed decisions through your knowledge of the market.

Good consultants can provide valuable insight into different companies, their particular cultures, the histories, and personalities that make up the teams. The best consultants will be able to use this information to evaluate the impact each role is likely to have on the candidate's career.

Consultants make their own reputations. Acquiring the necessary skills, networks and relationships take significant time, effort, and long-term commitment.

Our Training

Because our consultants are from varying backgrounds when they start with us, we have an initial training program that introduces key recruitment concepts and what candidates and clients will expect from you, before moving on to core sales and interview techniques.

Next, you'll join one of the teams to start developing your own vertical market. At first, your manager will work closely with you, guiding you through each stage of the recruitment process until you both feel you are ready to handle it alone.

As you progress, your manager and other senior recruiters will coach you through new scenarios, developing your abilities and confidence to take on more senior roles. You'll get feedback on how you're doing through formal appraisals and weekly meetings, but most importantly on a daily basis as you work on projects within your team.

A Career Opportunity

Mastering the role of a consultant is the first necessary step in building your career with us. A clear path allows you to move into the role of senior consultant, with mentoring and coaching responsibilities for the team, and then on to a managerial position with the opportunity to build your own team.

How to apply

Please e-mail with a copy of your resume and tell us why you're interested in becoming a career consultant. If we think you have potential, we'll get in touch to arrange a possible meeting.

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