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Established in 2011 by Mr. Hoang Van Nam, Headhunt Vietnam has become a leading placement and HR consulting company representing Vietnam’s Oil & Gas, FMCG and Manufacturing industries. Headhunt Vietnam serves over 500 corporate clients, including multinational and big local companies operating in Vietnam and South East Asia and over 1 million job seekers. Currently, 90% of our clients are foreign companies, including, Mercedes- Ben,  DB Schenker , Siemens,  Fischer ASIA , GBC, Karcher, Festo, Xylem ,Jabil, Coca-Cola, BMW, and Colgate, while the remaining are Vietnamese companies.


We have conducted hundreds of executive searches across Vietnam and Asia Pacific countries. We use our knowledge, experience, commitment and dedication to ensure that we meet our clients’ high-level recruitment needs, and provide the best possible candidates with the highest level of skills, helping businesses stay competitive in today’s challenging markets. In addition to our primary service, Executive Search, and Selection, we provide other services for our clients’ HR department to successfully achieve their goal and to prosper in the market.

Business license/ Recruitment license (Giấy phép kinh doanh/ Giấy phép tuyển dụng)

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