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Mr. Nam Hoang

General Director

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+84 (0)28 73001519 ext 201

When I began my career, I worked for a foreign company that assisted in finding talented people for executive positions in Vietnam. My time there made me realize that if they can do it, then the Vietnamese people can do it, so I established Headhunt Vietnam in 2011 with the passion of making people successful. It gives me great excitement and pleasure when I can help our candidates fulfill their career aspirations and connect these talented and qualified individuals to our clients, who will make their company prosper.

Khanhney Nguyen

Associate Director

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+84 (0)28 38244744

Khanh is a real seasoned professional with more than 15 years in HR management. She has held many management positions in a variety of organizations including Solomon International, Linde Gas Vietnam, Gerodis Wilson, Ceva Logistics Vietnam and Le & Associates. At her last job before moving to Headhunt Vietnam, Khanh was the HRPB Head of Le & Associates where she was in charge of a large part of different consulting services including HR Outsourcing, HR Specialist Partner, ESS and Mass


Managing Partner


Internationally recognized Global HR Leader, Executive Coach and Chairman of various Consultancy  Firms  with more than 30 years of experience in Global HR & General Management.

Board Member ( MD , CHRO  ) at

  • Karstadt AG
  • American Express Inc.
  • Bank of America NT & SA
  • International Destillers & Vintners Ltd. (Diageo)
  • Schneider Electric SA
  • Armstrong World Industries Inc.
  • Media Saturn Holding GmbH                                            
  • Metro Group AG
  • Various Supervisory Board positions
  • Honorary Magistrate at the labor court
  • Member of various HR associations
  • Certified Executive Coach at ICF

Van Anh

Business Developer


+84 (0)28 73001519 ext 202

At Headhunt Vietnam, I am able to fulfill my dream of helping candidates seize their chance. In addition, I am given room to grow, resources to support my potential, advices to open my mind and guide me to do great things, which allows me continue to learn and succeed as a professional consultant and support my clients with their needs. Most importantly, I can be myself in this friendly environment.

Thanh Trang

Senior Head Hunter

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+84 (0)28 38244744 ext 116

In 2014, I joined Headhunt Vietnam, when it was a local startup company with a great mission of connecting enterprise and employees. I believed that Headhunt Vietnam would give me the best chance to develop my skills in recruiting, as well as, contributing to their development. During my time here, I have met several young and energetic people; together, we have created a dynamic working environment, where all ideas are appreciated and each day is an enjoyable working day.

Thien Tran



+84 (0)28 38744744 ext 114

I was born to become a headhunter: I am passionate in wanting to understand people’s career goals and guiding them to develop skills that will allow them to succeed and become the best. I desire to play a key role in supporting our clients by assisting the HR department of their business to operate efficiently, and as a consultant, connecting talented individuals to their desired opportunities in order fulfill their demands and demonstrate their competence. My job aligns with one of my life values: to learn and grow every day. At Headhunt Vietnam, I am content because each day is a chance to expand my knowledge in different fields of business from the people that I get to meet.

An Nguyen

Head Hunter


(+84) 028 38244745 – ext 112

I believe that each individual is an expert in a field, and they can continue to prosper and develop in their field if they are placed in a suitable working environment and position. As a headhunter, I am delighted to be a part of the process of connecting the right person to the right opportunity, and vice versa.

Tuyen Nguyen

Junior Headhunter


Loan Phan

Business Development


+84 (0)28 38244744

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Tô Tuấn Thanh (Tony)




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