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    FMCG, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industries

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    Executive search

    Carefully selecting and qualifying talented individuals for executive positions that will become an asset to our clients' company. We dedicate our time and effort to ensure the needs of both are satisfied.

    Retained Search

    By investing our time and resources and engaging in process of the search, we are dedicated to secure a successful, lasting executive hire for our clients in a confidential manner.

    Career Transition

    An effective process has been designed to allow clients' employees to successfully transition into a new career, leadership position, and geography.

    HR Consulting

    To assist the HR department of our clients' business, strategic consultancy services are provided, including aligning compensation with performance, setting company's goals, and developing policies and documents.

    Soft Skills/Mindset Training & Business Coaching

    Through our partnership with Proctor Gallagher Institute and FocalPoint Business Coaching of Brian Tracy, business leaders can develop skills in problem-solving, leadership, ...

    Student Jobs & Internships

    Connecting students and graduates to jobs and internships in their field of interest for an opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in the real world.

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    If you looking for assistance in recruitment, contact us.

    If you are the Employer: +84 28 3824 4745 || +84 28 7300 1519

    If you are the Employee: +84 28 7300 1519

    Email: info@headhuntvietnam.com

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