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As a leading placement and HR consulting company representing Vietnam’s Oil & Gas, FMCG and Manufacturing industries, Headhunt Vietnam uses its knowledge, experience, commitment and dedication to ensure clients meet their high-level recruitment needs. We provide the best possible candidates with the highest level of skills, helping businesses stay competitive in today’s challenging markets.

Since 2011, Headhunt Vietnam has conducted hundreds of executive searches across Vietnam and the entire Asia-Pacific. To better serve our clients both at home and abroad, we maintain a network of recruitment partners located in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia.

With more than 10 years of work experience in various professions, and with a particular emphasis on recruiting and managing people, Headhunt Vietnam’s team is an effective and efficient recruiter of candidates for global companies in a wide range of industries. Our in-depth market knowledge gives us a head start with searches before the active recruitment phase even begins.

Headhunt Vietnam excels at connecting the right people with the right companies in every market, no matter their location. Together we can achieve remarkable results.

Let us help you with your recruitment needs, please contact:

If you are the Employer: +84 906 638 782

If you are the Employee: +84 28 7300 1519

Email: info@headhuntvietnam.com

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