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  • Responsible to establish and manage accounting department of the company, ensure the finance and accounting activities are in compliance with VAS and company agreements.
  • Follow instructions, decisions, regulations of the Joint Venture, prevailing laws of the Government and direct instructions of the General Director
  • Collecting, processing information, data records conforming to accounting objects and contents, in accordance with accountancy standards and regime.
  • Controlling, supervising AR, AP, liabilities, debts settlement; manage fixed assets.
  • Analyzing information, data records, consulting and proposing financial decision to the company.
  • External reporting as requested by the laws and authorized by General Manager.
  • Provide timely, accurate, relevant and sufficient data/reports including analysis to support other functions to fulfill their dutie


1. Manage accounting works, being responsible for financial – accounting activities of the company in accordance with VAS

  • Report detailed, accurate, timely expenses arising during the period.
  • Receive and checking accuracy and validity of vouchers relating to receiving and payment, accounting, allocating expenses accurately as per the regulations and company agreements.
  • Check legality of the vouchers regarding advance, payment, issuing materials for the production and the sale of goods of the Joint Venture; write-off un-used materials and prepare lists of receiving, issuing materials for the period, allocating expenses accurately and to the right purpose.
  • Manage cash flow of the company, prepare monthly, yearly projection
  • Manage inventory of materials and finish goods, stock on hand, detailing every items in every sections, department; completing accounting report to the General Director within the set out time frame.
  • Manage fixed assets including annual inspection, checking every type of assets, materials, finished goods in the sections, departments
  • Only perform role and responsible of Chief Accountant unless authorized by the General Director
  • Able to suggest managing methods of Joint Venture and work improvement of account office.
  • Being entitled to suggest the superior to provide working facilities such as office equipment, working place…
  • Be able to propose salaries adjustment in accordance with prevailing laws.

2. Accounting consolidation:

  • Based on accounting books, report of other accounting staff such as material usage report, account payable, receivable… to make monthly, yearly report. Compare and check validity, accuracy of the vouchers, report, thereafter to make consolidation reports of the company
  • Reports to the authorities, to Provincial Bodies, Board of Management, Joint Venture Partners...
  • Reports on salaries / wages, payment, submission to Social Insurance of Can Tho Province
  • Report to JV partners if and when requested with detailed accurate, timely, relevant data/reports including requirements in a periodical manner

3. Internal control

  • Ensure the compliance to company policies, external regulations, laws and company commitments to JV partners

4. Assisting the General Director

  • Inspecting, arrange tendering process, negotiating, signing and review contracts for buying materials, equipment, service rendered by Joint Venture to suppliers


  • Ability to uphold a strong financial and accounting control/compliance as required by MNC whilst flexible in adapting local processes to meet with business requirements


  • Education: Bachelor degree in Finance, Accounting and Auditing areas
  • Work experience: 5 years in similar level of accounting/finance function in FMCG companies

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