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Associate Director Consumer Lending-#2239

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Our client specializes in financial technology

Job Information

Associate Director Consumer Lending


Why Do We Need This Person?

We need to make sure as many consumers as possible get approved. To achieve this we must:

  • Create and optimise the most effective possible process to pre-screen and score customers before matching them to an appropriate lender as fast as possible
  • Work with banks and lenders to optimise their customer acquisition and credit scoring processes ensuring that supply partners achieve maximum approvable market reach on the best terms for the greatest number of consumers
  • Work with banks and lenders to leverage our technology, data and know how to create the best possible score cards and workflows that balance risk management and business objectives
  • Help banks and lenders provide the right loan to the right consumer. This means ensuring that the loan product offered is the best on market match for the original intent of the consumer e.g. straight-through processing of line of credit to e-wallet; overnight settlement to ecommerce provider for next day dispatch and delivery of packaged goods

We need someone who understands what challenges lenders have in acquiring and credit scoring new customers, who can advise us in using our technology to solve these problems. It's not about knowing what lenders do - in order to succeed we need to understand why they do it. They will need to be able to answer such as:

  • Why does the lender need a data point or document? Can we reach the same outcome without that data point or with another data point?
  • Why is the process run this way? Can we reduce the number of steps or change the order to reduce drop-off and friction?
  • Why does the lender’s internal process not match best or modern practice, and what internal challenges the lender faces in modernising those processes.


They need to be able to take a first principles approach to solving problems, asking the five whys over and over again.

We will be working with different lenders who have different loan products. We need to make sure consumers are being matched with the right loan to suit their needs. The loan officer will work with the product team to ensure that we cover the needs of our demand-side clients and Vietnamese consumers.

Evaluating the market they will assist us in discovering audiences that have not yet been considered for loan products, looking in the most unlikely places to identify market need and product match. Do they need a short term installment loan? Should we up sell them a cash loan and/or give them more credit to shop? Do they need a smaller credit builder product?


What Will This Person Do?

The job revolves around a single objective - making sure as many consumers as possible are getting approved for the right loan. In practice this means they will need to be obsessed with the overall workflow - always looking for areas that can be further improved to drive better conversion rates and help more consumers get the right loan.


  • Work with Experian to create the workflow and scorecard for pre-screening/pre-scoring customers on EMSDO. They will then take ownership of these scorecards and be responsible for continued optimisation.
  • Work with Experian and our banking/lending clients to create lender-specific scorecards and workflows that balance risk management and business objectives. They will then take ownership of these scorecards and be responsible for continued optimisation with our clients.
  • Work with Experian and our banking/lending clients to optimise their customer acquisition and credit scoring processes. This needs laser focus to minimise drop-off and maximize conversion rates. It may also require investigation of alternative data to run customers through bundles of scorecards, transforming those previously unapprovable through a paucity of data into an eventual good risk
  • Work with our Demand partners and Campaign Managers to target the right audiences at the right time with the right value proposition.


How Is This Person Going To Be Spending Their Day?

Splitting their time between lending clients, Experian, product and funnel optimization and demand partner optimisation.


What Are The Key Responsibilities?

They own the workflow from the point we start collecting data that is used to score the customer all the way to the point where the loan is disbursed. Everything in this part of the workflow is either their sole or shared responsibility. 


How Will Performance Be Measured?

Conversion Rates (which includes Approval rates)

Lender Client Success: scorecard performance, loan performance, client KPIs

Culture: adherence to our core values of Trust, Ownership & Communication


Will The Role Manage Others?

When we're successful, yes. At least 12 months before another hire in this team


What Opportunities For Career Growth Exist?

Massive opportunities. Early team member in new market for a successful SE Asian Fintech company working alongside three founders of the Group. What do you think success means?



At least 5 to 7 years of experience in consumer lending products or credit / risk management;

Experience in customer acquisition for unsecured consumer credit products;

Experience in digital customer acquisition is preferred but not essential;

Experience in launching and/or managing technology platforms for customer acquisition or credit scoring is preferred but not essential

Extremely analytical and numerical

Solid commercial sense.

Problem solver


Language: We need a native Vietnamese speaker in this role, they will also need to be fluent in written and oral business English.



Curiosity and desire to challenge the status quo. Willing to take calculated risks: we need a risk manager who is willing to take smart risks. Our business is built on experimentation. We need to be constantly testing new workflows, new data sets, new scorecards and new loan products.

Leadership and influence without formal authority. Cross-functional here means cross-company and Inter-company. The ability to secure buy-in and commitment is essential.

Communication. Must be an expert written communicator, documenter and a thoughtful speaker and conversationalist.

Ownership. Happy to accept both responsibility and accountability.

Self-discipline and stamina. Gets stuff done, keeps going and keeps up with the pace.

Resilient with a desire to make a difference: we are in the business of innovation in an industry that's famously slow to innovate. Persuading lenders to change how they operate is an uphill task. The candidate must be willing to be told no over and over and over again yet still be willing to try again

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Credit & Risk


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Associate Director Consumer Lending


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Credit & Risk


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