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Warehouse Manager-#84

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Warehouse Manager

Job Description

  •  Ensure all appropriate actions are taken to implement the Occupational Health and Safety Policy, health an safety procedures and legislative requirements
  • Monitor and supervise the health and safety through formal participation in Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment and Control Planning, workplace inspections, pre-purchase evaluations etc and informally through work site visits and discussions with staff
  •  Participate where required in the resolution of safety issues
  •  Review all LTI, MTI, MVA accidents/incidents and corrective action reports
  • Review any health, work environment and safety related reports and take appropriate action
  •  Participate in Health and Safety Committees
  •  Ensure consultation with employee health and safety representatives, particularly in Hazard Identification, Risk Control planning and on any workplace changes which have health and safety component
  •  Communicate regularly on relevant OH&S matters and review the health and safety performance of direct reports
  •  Ensure safety is a first agenda item for all meetings
  •  Initiate actions to improve health and safety within area of responsibility
  •  Ensure all employees/contractors are inducted and receive regular training required to perform their job safely
  •  Participate in the rehabilitation of injured workers
  •  Allocate adequate time and resources for the Health an Safety program to be established
  •  Maintain Health and Safety documentation and records in accordance with Company Safety System requirements
  •  Coordinate the distribution or warehousing of customer products in a timely and effective and efficient manner
  •  Maintain a focus on continuous improvement to a world class standard of warehouse operations through developing, reviewing and updating warehouse procedures and associated business procedures (eg: customs procedures)
  •  Ensure the timely delivery of regular reports through the various reporting systems WMS including daily invoicing and the weekly revenue, profit/loss summaries
  •  Deliver the most productive outcomes for Company through the effective utilisation of warehouse resources while meeting or exceeding the customer service benchmarks of our client
  •  Develops and maintains relationships and contracts with company 's client managers to enable objectives to be met
  •  Ensures agreed customer objectives and measures are met
  •  Produce budget, resource and capital planning and weekly key performance reporting and analysis to ensure an efficient and cost effective warehouse operation
  •  The development of a sound customer base which maximizes our warehouse capabilities and maintains business development opportunities
  •  Effectively utilizes equipment and facilities to ensure the most efficient and cost effective 
  •  Implement initiatives that ensure cost containment, maximize profit and meet budget and customer objectives
  •  Ensure adequate levels of appropriately trained employees are available to effectively maintain customer service levels
  •  Anticipate and satisfactorily resolves all problems and issues with customers, equipment and staff
  •  Ensure effective communication between Company, customer, employees and contractors
  •  Developing own potential and that of the personnel working in the warehouse to ensure effective succession planning
  •  Involvement in negotiation of Enterprise Agreements and other IR matters to ensure good labour relations are maintained
  •  Acting in accordance with corporate values and ensuring other Company employees do the same.


  • Several years experience in provision of third party logistics services
  •  Extensive background comprising - on the job training, work experience, administrative systems and specific skills development within a logistics environment and warehouse
  •  Experience with SAP warehouse systems and accountability for management accuracy of clients inventory
  •  Good working knowledge of office information systems and computer skills
  •  Good understanding and application of budgeting and finance systems
  •  Staff management experience, including negotiation and communication skills
  •  Customer service experience and skills
  •  Change management and leadership skills
  •  Previous management experience and a sound knowledge of transport services
  •  Good knowledge of the unions and industrial environment
  •  Good understanding of legislation applicable to the workplace and ability to act in accordance with (but not limited to ) OH&S guidelines, duty of care responsibilities, chain of responsibility legislation, Drug & Alcohol policy and all Company workplace policies

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Binh Duong



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Warehouse Manager


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