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Warehouse Manager-#228

Client Information


Job Information

Warehouse Manager

  • Impact:
    • Customer satisfaction.
    • Customer retention - Customer / Stakeholder Customers.
    • Maintain good working relationships, Co-ordination, discussion and communication
    • Deal efficiently with any queries that are raised by either the client, the customers, or transport contractor. Operations Manager.
    • Assist to meet performance targets.
    • To direct Supervisors in their various duties and ensure that the work is completed within the required timescales and the quality standard determined by the internal and external customer, in accordance with Client Methodology.
    • Together with supervisors participate in problem solving and trouble shoot process improvement process Vender (warehouse provider, suppliers).
    • Ensure all service provided meet Cliient’s requirement Ground handling.
    • Ensure hand over processes of inbound stock and paperwork are normally operated Area Operations staff at all levels.
    • Daily working process review, discussion.
    • People management.
    • Local quality report 3. Problem Complexity / Process - Supervision of Operations.
    • Ensure inbound stock are recovered, "break bulked”, inspected and receive in the quickest, most efficient manner possible.
    • Agree standards with the DC Manager and immediate manager in the areas of quality and productivity and advise your Supervisor of the required standards. Ensure that remedial action is taken to combat any weaknesses indicated by the Supervisor.
    • Manage despatch of outbound shipments from country operations to ensure timely departure.
    • Ensure accurate sorting and optimum loading of all inbound & outbound shipments.
    • Monitor ground handler and warehouse provider performance and complete all necessary reports.
  • Safely and Quality Assurance:
    • Ensure safe working practices and environment within the shift.
    • Ensure that the Supervisor and team maintains safe procedures of work that all equipment is in good working order. Promptly report defects to maintenance and hygiene is kept to a high standard.
    • Participate in DESC quality policy and initiatives e.g. ISO accreditation.
  • People Management:
    • Develop a high performance service culture within the functional department. Plan, organize and direct and efficient and effective functional department.
    • Monitor individual performance & KPI’s.
    • Consult performance appraisal.
    • Ensure that effective communication is maintained between Supervisor and all Staffs involved in the Warehouse. To develop and maintain good and effective team communication at all levels.
    • Manage the allocation of appropriate resources and commitment of staff to the achievement of Country objectives and targets.
    • Identify training needs and opportunities to develop a highly skilled functional department.



  • Skills:
    • Software skills (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).
    • Communication skills (English), spoken and written.
    • Leadership skills.
    • WMS (Warehouse Management System) skills
  • Expected years of experience: 4-5 years operations experience, preferably within transportation or logistics industry
  • Expected Educational Qualifications:

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Binh Duong



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Warehouse Manager job closed

Warehouse Manager


Binh Duong


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