Our Team

Mr. Nam Hoang
General Director

When I began my career, I worked for a foreign company that assisted in finding talented people for executive positions in Vietnam.

My time there made me realize that if they can do it, then the Vietnamese people can do it, so I established Headhunt Vietnam in 2011 with the passion of making people successful.

It gives me great excitement and pleasure when I can help our candidates fulfill their career aspirations and connect these talented and qualified individuals to our clients, who will make their company prosper.

Ralph Spangenberg
Managing Partner

Internationally recognized Global HR Leader, Executive Coach and Chairman of various Consultancy  Firms  with more than 30 years of experience in Global HR & General Management.

Board Member ( MD , CHRO  ) at

  • Karstadt AG
  • American Express Inc.
  • Bank of America NT & SA
  • International Destillers & Vintners Ltd. (Diageo)
  • Schneider Electric SA
  • Armstrong World Industries Inc.
  • Media Saturn Holding GmbH                                            
  • Metro Group AG
  • Various Supervisory Board positions
  • Honorary Magistrate at the labor court
  • Member of various HR associations
  • Certified Executive Coach at ICF
Loan Phan
Business Development Director

Ms. Alice is a Business Development Director with more than 10 Years experiences in Sales & Marketing, 9 years in HR industry.

Alice speak German, English, Vietnamese. Had success on the recruitment process with many German, European, Hongkong, Singaporean, USA,… company.

She understand the different culture between European & Asian

Ms. Alice has very good experiences in many different companies:

Construction company

IT services & Software company

Stationeries company

CFO Vietnam Organization

Training & training In-House, Coaching services,…

Kristen Truong
Senior Consultant

I am a people person, a versatile collaborator with a passion for strategically connecting people.

Being a conscientious worker, my work display a high level of detail and responsibility, I have been goal-oriented, carrier-minded with tremendous work ethics, and I believe that my positive energy is contagious. 

I believe in the value that we contribute to our client's success by talents as the most valued asset.

Thi Duong


We create the best match between the company (which consists of people) and the candidate. We create the basis for a new employee, who with his/her professionalism and personality can contribute and create value in the company (and get success himself)

The right match through counseling and competent sparring, is the value we add – and it occurs between people: The company – Candidate – TARGET Headhunting.

Kim Anh Tran
Recruitment Consultant

I am passionate about people – their motivations, behaviors, their success stories, main achievements, and also reasons for failure.

I am grateful to have the opportunity to meet talented people and learn every day about their jobs. I also get to  learn about new businesses and industries and their challenges

Ngoc Pham
Personal Assistant

Law of Attraction is the compass to my mindset at work. With any problems coming, pause and think for the next action always bring me to solutions.

At Headhunt Vietnam, a personal assistant is not only a supporter of the General Director, but she also joins in consulting goal setting best practices and general administrative support to ensure the whole workflow.




Phuong Chung
Trinh Le
Recruitment Consultant

I believe that each individual is an expert in a field, and they can continue to prosper and develop in their field if they are placed in a suitable working environment and position. As a headhunter, I am delighted to be a part of the process of connecting the right person to the right opportunity.

Thomas Damecour
Principal Consultant

Thomas has worked as a Recruitment Consultant, Recruitment Lead and Country Manager for multinational companies for 14 years.

 Experience of diverse cultures, having worked in Europe, Middle East and Asia (France, Qatar, South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam).


Thomas is passionate about understanding people, finding the true motivations of the candidates in order to ensure a long lasting match.

Kim Dam
Recruitment Consultant

With my own desire for the Manufacturing industry, I have been consulting career opportunities for manufacturing jobs to candidates.

Manufacturers are always searching for more cost-effective ways of producing their goods, without a smart selection of qualified and matching employees, results and goals cannot be achieved.

Hoang Anh Tran
Recruitment Consultant

Why did I choose the HR field?
"The best thing about working in this field is that we will be able to meet and interact with so many talented people from many different professions and occupations, and each of them will bring us great stories and lessons."
That will be the first answer to come up.

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