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Technicians Mechanical Assembly-#242

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Our client is leading in Electronic company base in HCM City

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Technicians Mechanical Assembly

-Based on the workshop instructions provided to the Technician and the materials that are delivered the Technician installs all mechanical items on the Caterpillar Diesel Engines.

-The work various from the installation of standard Caterpillar components, like air filters and drain lines, to installation of the mechanical components for alarm and safety systems. For some installations the work will consist of the assembly of custom build installations consisting of a Caterpillar Diesel engine, purchased generators or gear boxes and purpose build base frames.

-Be responsible for the quality, completeness and timely execution of the assembly activities needed for the installations that are appointed to him / her.

-Identifies quality issues, in materials used or completeness of delivered materials, and together with the Mechanical Foreman he will take care of finding the appropriate solutions to get the job done.

-Works in a safe, clean and self-responsible way.



-Graduated from Technical University (priority: Marine/Mechanic major)

-At least 2 year working experience in the same position in a foreign company

-Experienced, through education and / or working experience, in mechanical assembly activities.

-Basic skills in reading technical English;

-Structured worker who prioritizes the activities that need to be done and completes activities before starting the next activity;

-Experienced and preferably certified to perform light constructional welding and related activities

-Responsible character, takes owner ship of his activities and wants to deliver the best products possible

-Safe worker; works in a safe manner, signals potential safety issues in his own and colleagues working environment and reports and improves these issues;

-Clean worker; is a responsible person who respects the environment, works in a clean way and respects the quality and value of the products he is working with.

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Dong Nai



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Technicians Mechanical Assembly


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