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Technical Design Manager-#1472

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Job Information

Technical Design Manager

Purpose of employment: 

  • Manage a team of technical designers and technical experts, and lead the team toward design excellence.
  • By an efficient use of the material,
    by a high level of standardization and plate forming, offering a high level of supply chain flexibility,
    by clever design to reach high performance at the lowest cost, and with simplicity,
    by engaging fruitfull dialog with the different company department, to enhance the design:
    • Robust design (and preventing quality issues)
    • Design to manufacture, protecting health and safety of production operators
      by preserving environment and choosing green materials
  • By managing the realization of specific prototypes, in
  • By proposing actions of technical improvement / productivity / cost reduction,
  • By cultivating a high awareness of technologies

Technical Skills:

  • Manage cost of his section, budget, HC, budget and investment for technical improvement
  • Excellent level to read and create 2D and 3D drawings in details, manage the changes, and filing in technical database
  • Have a detailed understanding of manufacturing technologies (traditional, and advanced)
  • Manage a teams, with a detailed follow-up of execution,
  • Strictly restpect the instructions of order, and industrial performance KPI's,
  • Able to detect problems on drawings
  • Develop specific design analysis (static, and dynamic mechasnical studies, material stress, fatigue, vibrations) as weel as fluid mechanics.
  • Be a player in continuous improvement.

Behavior Competencies:

  • Team spirit
  • High Rigor
  • Autonomy
  • Analytical skills
  • Report / alert
  • Organization / sense of priorities
  • Able to propose improvement


  • Strong mechanical knowledges
  • Good knowledges in electrical, electronic, automation
  • Fluent in English

Education / Experience:

  • Technical degree
  • Experience in technical design with high exigeances
  • Trained on design analysis, and design quality methodology

General Information

Ho Chi Minh



Creative - Design


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Technical Design Manager job closed

Thanh Trang


+84 (08) 38244744 - ext 116

Technical Design Manager


Ho Chi Minh


Creative - Design


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