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Senior Procurement Coordinator-#2929

Client Information


Our client is a full-service seafood company in Singapore.

Job Information

Senior Procurement Coordinator


The Senior Procurement Coordinator works closely with the Commercial Department to plan, develop, source and coordinate procurement arrangements to effectively meet organisational and business objectives. To do this effectively the Coordinator must build strong relationships and communication channels with new and existing suppliers.

Commercial Department Requests

  • The coordinator is responsible for ensuring the procurement department understands the commercial managers’ requirements and expectations. These must be discussed and agreed prior to undertaking a supplier enquiry.
  • Once the supplier has provided the necessary information a price comparison report is to be generated (including commentary and recommendations) and distributed to the commercial department. It is crucial that this report is accurate and supplied within the agreed timeframe.

Supplier Enquiries

  • The coordinator must ensure all the relevant information is provided to the supplier in a timely manner (this includes providing the supplier product profile in the initial contact).
  • If supply of a new product is being requested, the coordinator will discuss the opportunity verbally with the  suppliers’ account manager and then follow up with a summary email of the opportunity (country, market segment, volume, annual or seasonal purchase and why it is a great opportunity for the supplier).

Contract Execution

  • The coordinator is responsible for ensuring purchase contracts are executed between company and the supplier for every product procures. The purchase contract must satisfy all the requirements of the commercial department (price, specification, volume, ETD, rejections, etc).
  • If possible the supplier should sign a caompany generated purchase contract. If this is not possible then the coordinator must review and discuss any proposed contractual terms with the relevant commercial manager to ensure that the terms are commercially viable and doesn’t expose company to any unnecessary risks or liability.

Import & Export Document Control

  • The coordinator must support the Procurement Documents Controller to complete contracts and shipping documents accurately and assist distributing them to the relevant parties within the agreed timeframe.

Contract & Risk Management

  • DIFOT (delivered in full and on time) must be a central focus for the coordinator. This requires attending weekly vendor schedule meetings and following up with factories regularly to make sure that company receives the product, service, price, volume and ETD that it has contracted the supplier to provide.
  • Each contract is to be recorded, monitored and updated in the procurement vendor schedule on a weekly basis. Issues and changes to the vendor schedule must be communicated to both the commercial and technical departments during the weekly inter-department meeting.

Supplier Management

  • The coordinator is responsible for monitoring the performance of each supplier. The performance of each supplier must be updated to them in the monthly and bi-annual meetings to ensure company obtains the highest performance possible from its suppliers.

New Supplier Assessments

  • The coordinator must ensure new supplier assessment reports are completed as required or requested by senior management. Inventory Management
  • The coordinator is responsible for ensuring that inventory and stock take reports for imported raw material are completed accurately and on time for the Finance Manager.

Market Intelligence

  • Import/Export reports are to be generated upon the request of the commercial department.
  • The lead-time & raw material season calendar is to be updated bi-monthly.
  • Raw material pricing is to be updated bi-monthly.

Team Coordination

  • Support team members to achieve organization business objectives; and
  • When the documents controller is on leave the coordinator in conjunction with other administration team members must cover for them.


Customer Service: 30%

Customer Satisfaction: 20%

  • 95% responsiveness for all types of enquiries (refer to Procurement Self Performance Registry)
  • Commodiy enquiry deadline: within 3 working days.
  • Value-added enquiry deadline: within 5 working days.
  • NPD enquiry deadline: within 5 working days.
  • Service enquiry deadline: within 5 working days (re-processing) & 10 working days/14 days
    including weekends (Sample request) for locally sourced products only.
  • Product enquiry deadline: within 2 working days.


  • Number of working days from day Commercial provide final documentation. Docs: Customer Product Profile, Re-processing Product Product, Sample Request Document or after production trial is completed for NPD.
  • Commercial and Procurement to meet quarterly to discuss performance and areas which are working well/not working well.

Complaints: 10%

  • Commercial Department Complaints
  • Allow 1 complaint per 50 enquiries (refer to complaint registry)

Purchasing, Risk & Contract Management: 30%
Contract Execution: 15%

  • 100% rating for Contract Execution.
  • Accuracy of contracts (Commercial does not find mistakes with Price, ETD, Product description etc.)
  • Sent to Commercial within 2 working dates from order confirmation

Import/Export Shipping Documentation: 15%

  • 100% rating for Import/Export shipping documents (Measured on original shipping docs).
  • Accuracy of shipping documents (if container fails to clear customs the accuracy of documents is not acceptable).
  • Export: sent minimum 7 working days after BOL date to Commercial.
  • Import: received 7 working days before ETA to Vietnam and sent to Vietnamese processor.

Supplier Management: 40%

DIFOT: 30%

  • Minimum 85% DIFOT rating of deliveries in full (to contracted quantities) and on time.

Procurement Vendor Schedule: 10%

  • 100% accuracy and sent to suppliers weekly.




  • A university degree is preferred by not required for this position.

Core competancies:

  • Critical & Analytical Thinking
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Planning & Scheduling
  • Attention to Detail & Accuracy
  • Operating in a Diverse Culture
  • Team Development





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Ho Chi Minh

Food and Beverage

Senior Specialist

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Senior Procurement Coordinator


Ho Chi Minh

Food and Beverage

Purchasing / Supply Chain / Merchandising

Senior Specialist

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