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Sample & Technical Supervisor (Furniture Indoor )-#1024

Client Information


Our client is Denmark, specializes in producing indoor furniture

Job Information

Sample & Technical Supervisor (Furniture Indoor )


- Constantly working with customers to receive information from customers, international sale staff business representatives from the parent company, develop the idea to the technical department to draw, edit on demand product completely.

- Directly capture of ideas and join in editing design drawings from customers, partners. Coordinate with technical department - design sketches, drawings transferring to the customer to view and approve sample.

- Directly manage developping sample, approved technical drawings for technicians to make sample and monitoring the implementation process.

- Directly coordinate with departments, partners developing sample to conduct production, sample processing outside.

- Directly control the sample process in the company and at suppliers to ensure on schedule as prescribed.

- Check complete drawings, complete product specifications and packaging before mass production.

- Follow up the actual sample process to detect faults and inform technical staff and edit drawings and samples, complete drawings before mass production.

- Manage technical team and sample workers and monitor the implementation process.

- Suggest improved process, technical goods.

- Directly corordinate with QA department to give the criteria to evaluate, test, product quality control.

- Regularly inspect, control and approve sample, drawings, sample implementation process, drawing.



- Having 5 experienced years in technical management and sample development in wood/furniture field (Mandatory)

- Having experience in management and team leader.

- Fluently speaking English (Mandatory)

- Can use Autocad 2D, 3D.

General Information

Binh Duong





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Sample & Technical Supervisor (Furniture Indoor ) job closed

Minh Nguyen


+84 (028) 38244744- ext 113

Sample & Technical Supervisor (Furniture Indoor )


Binh Duong




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