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A sample coordinator will typically work with a group of Pattermakers / Sewers and / Cutters. The sample coordinator is the point person for receiving new sample requests from technical design. 

The sample coordinator need to keep record for material iventory keeping at sample store/ Check or request Sourcing depart or Merchandise to get its to provide for sample room material for sample making on time.

The sample coordinator must be increbibly organized and have a keen understanding of deadlines and what it takes to meet those deadline. A sure fire way of accomplishing this is to know the status of  every sample at any given time by using the tools provided.

Need to understand about the lead time of sample development and have one overview to know how about sample development deal line effect to the production process.

A sample coordinator also have a view to see about the sample in hand once completed and fit on the Dummy that is ok to send or not (this the Asst technical design will view with Pttn marker in main, and you also atend to see and summary to keep record & work with BBLA if need befor or after send out the smpl.


When you receive a Sample Request the first thing that must be done is to determine whether or not you have both fabric and trims to execute the request.

If not, you must go to straight to sourcing to see if there is anyway they can obtain this fabric for you. Perhaps this fabrication is in production, so first check with sourcing if it could be sent to BBVN for the sample to be on time. If sourcing cannot find the fabrication, then check with merchandisers or check at the sample room iventory first of all.

When you do have the fabric and trims needed to produce the sample, you must then put this request into work by entering details in Trello. 

Making sure that commodity fabrics and trims are replenished when they are running low. 

Must make sure that PLM is updated at the time the action has taken place. If it has not been sent, find out why and if it's late notify your direct report . 

Forsee issues down the pipe by knowing that a certain amount of samples will be coming through each month for sample development. Anytime any request is handed to you and upon reviewing you know that it will not reach it's destination on time, see your direct report. 

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