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Sales Manager-#1349

Client Information

100 -500

Our client is leading Automotive company

Job Information

Sales Manager

Principal Accountabilities

1. Planning

  • Define sales and marketing targets for all company's products with and for sales staff (volume and profitability)
  • Develop concepts to increase performance of sales team
  • Plan resources, including HR for budget plan

2. Sales and Marketing

  • Communicate and ensure correct implementation of guidelines for vehicle pricing policy
  • Monitor market price developments of competitors in the vehicles business
  • Carry out analyses of the competition/benchmarking
  • Carry out analyses and evaluate trends and market developments
  • Monitor the local automobile market
  • Ensure development of the sales performance and market share
  • Carry out and evaluate sales promotion measures
  • Manage appropriate presentation of company's products according to company's standards
  • Manage demonstration vehicles and display vehicles are in top condition
  • Manage correct presentation of company accessories
  • Assign customer groups and/or market areas to the respective  Sales staff
  • Establish and develop contacts with VIP and major customers

3. Human Resources

  • Manage the optimal allocation of HR resources both in quantity and quality within the sales team
  • Employ and develop sales staff
  • Manage sales team, demand and enable top performance
  • Motivate and develop sales team, supply guidance
  • Appraise sales staff and propose variable salary/bonus

4. Business Management and Controlling

  • Monitor sales staff and optimize sales turnover including accessories and services, market share, deal quality, i.e. retail discounting and cost of operation
  • Monitor and optimize performance of sales staff
  • Support sales team in exploitation of market potential

5. Quality Management

  • Inform the Principal regarding product quality issues or concerns affecting customer satisfaction
  • Optimize the level of customer satisfaction in sales; identify issues and potential improvements
  • Manage effective complaints management and, if necessary, lead customer discussions to special cases

6. Operative Management

  • Manage consistent utilization of all customer contacts by sales staff
  • Ensure availability for sales staff and clarification of difficult customer cases (visibility in the showroom)
  • Manage effectiveness and efficiency of customer contact
  • Manage active presentation of products and services by  sales staff
  • Manage the range of company additional services (leasing, financing, service contracts, etc.) is available
  • Ensure optimal stock management
  • Indicate need for availability of model mix conforming to the market and its potential turnover rate
  • Indicate need for demonstration vehicles
  • Inform sales staff of the status of the ordering process on a regular base
  • Indicate need for vehicle presentation
  • Monitor vehicle orders and deliveries
  • Make decisions on questions regarding prices and conditions raised by  sales staff
  • Involve in any necessary demands for payment
  • Negotiate and conclude fleet contracts
  • Ensure company sales standards are met
  • Request information about returns lists from fleet business/leasing
  • Manage company accessories are correctly presented
  • Control and manage the cleaning and presentation of displayed vehicles

7. Information Management

  • Ensuring the sales literature, product brochures as well as process documentation and the required software is up to date, complete and available
  • Ensuring information from the headquarter is followed up, archived and made available
  • Monitoring reports in the media on the company's brand and on competitors’ product
  • Actively passing on relevant information to employees
  • Guaranteeing specialist press material is available to sales staff

8.  Sales Trainer

  • Responsible for training new sales staff on company's brand, product, service, softskill, ...
  • Ensuring the training program which Management had been trained, it must be retrained for all sales staffs.
  • Ensuring all sales staffs must qualify with company's standard requirement.

9. Networking

  • Network with fellow managers for optimal work efficiency and effectiveness

10. Other

  • Network with fellow managers for optimal work efficiency and effectiveness
  • Act in accordance with Company Policies, Procedures, prevailing Law and Legislation governing acceptable standards of Behavior, Personal Conduct, Health, Safety, Compliance and Environmental issues and within the requirements of the Principal.

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Ho Chi Minh



Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Client Services


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Sales Manager


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Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Client Services


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