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R&D Deputy Manager-#2322

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Retail - Ecommerce

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R&D Deputy Manager

-    Work with the company’s CTO and R & D Manager to plan the road maps for Company's various data products. These data products leverage Machine Learning and Big Data to produce quantifiable business results for the company. They are employed on multiple platforms: Android & iOS mobile apps, Desktop website and Mobile website. Potential projects include improving / implementing the following systems:

  • A product ranking system to predict the best-selling products of each category, based on past transaction data and user behavior data
  • A recommender system to predict products that a user may like, based on his or her past behavior data
  • A search engine to return the products that are most relevant to a user’s search keyword, based on language data and past user behavior data
  • An advertising system based on users’ search keywords

-    Manage cross-department Machine Learning and Big Data projects to execute the planned road maps of the aforementioned data products

-    In order to develop the aforementioned data products, you will have access to company’s various data sources:

  • User behavior logs
  • Transaction data
  • Product databases
  • Third-party data

-    Work with Data Scientists and Data Engineers to deploy Machine Learning algorithms in production:

  • Build APIs to return the results of machine learning algorithms
  • Ensure that the APIs can handle a large number of requests (Company’s websites have millions of visits per month)
  • For data products that require (near) real-time processing, ensure that the APIs can return the results of machine learning algorithms in (near) real-time

-    Recruit various positions for the department, including Data Engineers, Back-end Developers, Quality Control Engineers, Project Managers, Product Owners, Business Analysts and Data Analysts

-    Manage engineering and product teams, and ensure that they achieve high productivity

-    Mentor and grow team members

-    Experience in developing data products
-    Experience in managing engineering teams
-    Experience in deploying Machine Learning algorithms in production is a big advantage
-    Experience in developing large-scale and real-time systems is an advantage
-    Good knowledge of design patterns, object-oriented programming, algorithms, data structures
-    Knowledge of Machine Learning techniques (e.g., classification, clustering and feature engineering) and Artificial Intelligence (e.g., Natural Language Processing - especially for the Vietnamese language, and Computer Vision) is a big advantage
-    Domain knowledge in e-commerce is an advantage
-    Critical thinking and good problem solving and communication skills
-    Experience with software development on Linux
-    Good programming skills in one or more languages, especially Java, Python
-    Good knowledge of databases. Experience with NoSQL databases such as MongoDB is an advantage
-    Master's or PhD degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Mathematics or a related field is an advantage
-    Experience with the following technologies is an advantage:

  • Big data technologies, e.g., Hadoop and Spark
  • Cloud platforms, e.g., Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform
  • Machine learning frameworks, e.g., scikit-learn, TensorFlow, MLlib and Mahout
  • Search engines, e.g., Elasticsearch and Solr


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Ho Chi Minh



IT - Software


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R&D Deputy Manager


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IT - Software


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