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R&D (Application Group) Supervisor-#2437

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Our client is leading in FMCG

Job Information

R&D (Application Group) Supervisor

Major responsibilities / ACCOUNTABILITIES

To plan new product development projects to be launched on time, with effective cost with no major qualify issues and in compliance and local regulations. To improve existing products.

1. Responsible for studying the possible production of new/improvement project. Ensuring that the materials and products are used and manufactured in compliance with the local food regulations and guidelines and specifications. Set the project time frame with an agreement from concerned departments such as Marketing, Purchasing, Innovation & Renovation, Engineering, QA, etc.

2. Responsible for re-formulating the new product based on local raw materials and creating new formula upon marketing request in line with FDA regulations. Improve the existing products by adjusting the formula and production process, and by raw material replacement, etc.

3. Responsible for sourcing raw materials with the Purchasing Department, conduct kitchen trials for the formulation, and prepare cost estimated for marketing decision-making

4. Responsible for conducting pilot trials for parameter validation, sensory agreement and market consumer test and for preparing prototypes

5. Responsible for conducting industrial trials on the industrialization of products to ensure production line feasibility and to evaluate RM samples for material substitution or from alternative supplier

6. Responsible for working closely with the production on the first and second production lots to solve problems of production

7. Responsible for sending product samples to I&R of the Manufacturing Department Head for production approvals or for an approval from PTC

8. Responsible for preparing technical documents  for the FDA registration

9. Accountability for studying "Keeping Quality Testing" of new product

10. Accountability for organization of sensory evaluation for new product development

11. Ensure that RMS formula record for future reference and "products files" to I&R, pre-HACCP and pre-QMS are prepared.

12. Responsible for updating specifications of raw materials, packaging material , RMS and "BOM"

13. Be a member of Supplier Assessment Team for new raw materials or new suppliers

14. Participate in the solving of current manufacturing problems and recommend modifications to the manufacturing processes to improve quality of the products

15. Accountability for Comparative profiling test of 60/40 projects

16. Be a team member of sensory panel

17. Others as assigned


- All departments in Factory

- Marketing, Purchasing, Supply chain, Legal in Head Office, RA, Technical Division


- R&D, PTC/SBU, other market for IMS, NQAC, AG in other markets, Suppliers


 (educational background, experiences and other basic requirements i.e. computer, language)

- English ability: intermediate (speaking, reading and writing)

- Computer skill: required

- Computer knowledge: MS. Word, MS. Excel, MS. PowerPoint, MS. Project

- Experience related to position: 3 years in major of Food Chemistry, development of RTD products and other related field

Job success factors

- Functional/Professional/Technical Competencies  (state specific knowledge, skill and experience critical for the job)

- Production process, VFA regulations, laboratory practices, chemistry, microbiology, statistics

- RMS software, Costing, NQS, NGMP, HACCP, quality awareness, sensory skill, confidentiality awareness, cost awareness

- Problem-solving skills, analytical skills, data collection, change management, open minded, service minded

- Technical audit skills

- Supervisor skill, Communications skills, project management

- Personal Attributes  (give 3 critical attributes) :  The behaviors needed to perform the job successfully

- Creativity, Dynamism, Credibility , Seriousness, Flexibility

General Information

Dong Nai

Food and Beverage


Quality Assurance / Control (QA/QC)


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R&D (Application Group) Supervisor job closed

Thi Duong



R&D (Application Group) Supervisor


Dong Nai

Food and Beverage

Quality Assurance / Control (QA/QC)


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