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Project Management Officer (PMO)-#2642

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Được thành lập vào năm 2000. Với quan niệm “Kinh doanh chân chính, chú trọng đến chất lượng sản phẩm”, Công ty không ngừng cải tiến, nâng cao chất lượng nhằm tạo ra những sản phẩm tốt nhất phục vụ người nuôi. Đặc biệt, Công ty áp dụng những công nghệ tiên tiến của Đài Loan, đưa máy móc thiết bị hiện đại vào sản xuất.

Job Information

Project Management Officer (PMO)

Are you a STRONG analytical power, strategic mind, and very structured person?

Can you double the speed at which you work and still keep your work quality high?

Do you have a high passion in Sales Marketing/ Consultant in Consulting Companies? 


That's why the following opportunity is right for you

As a great PMO - Project Management Officer, you will:


1. Financial Goals/Overall Value Creation Goals

Produce ooo% growth in revenue annually, increase EBITDA by iii percentage points, and reduce COGS by xxx% of sales. Outgrow the market by yyy% consistently. 

2. Value Creation Plan: Create and implement value creation program that puts business on track for >1m tons of feed and >mm USD in EBITDA by 2022

2.1. Planning: 

  • Identify key value creation levers in sales growth, cost (COGS and SG&A) and net working capital, in alignment with top management (CEO, CFO, COO, Sales & Marketing VP) and Permira

  • Develop action plans for these levers, incl. KPI (financial and operational), responsibilities, milestones and action steps, and ensure commitment / understanding of project leaders 

2.2 Tracking and performance:

  • Set up governance structure (i.e. regular Steering Committees), and coordinate communications  

  • Report progress at board meetings

  • Track progress, including developing an “early warning signal” framework to identify execution risks. 

  • Initiate mitigation actions and / or additional actions 

  • Challenge relevant country management (GM, Sales / Operations Heads) / functional leadership (COO, S&M VP where overall targets at risk 

2.3 Support: Review adequate resourcing of actions and qualify external consultants as needed


3. SALES & MARKETING: Support Sales & Marketing VP and country level leadership to achieve >1.2m tons in 2022 sales (organic), a zzz%+ sales growth trajectory, and increase functional feed to >aaa% of sales 

  • Help implement sales initiatives developed as part of BCG strategy project and achieve sales targets 

  • Help review pricing and margin trends across countries for key products and develop actions where needed (i.e. value based pricing approach)

  • Help local management to develop value propositions and marketing communication strategies for key products, particularly functional feed 

  • Help improve the R&D connection to the markets to accelerate the launch of locally relevant products


4. OPERATIONS: help COO and country level operations managers to optimize gross margins and net working capital 

  • Help define action plans / targets to improve gross margins, incl. production, raw material cost / procurement, formulation mix, inventory and accounts receivable 

  • Challenge operations management by reviewing internal / external benchmarks and help identify improvement potential

  • Help group R&D team to achieve margin improvement through product reformulations 

5. STRATEGY DEVELOPMENT: work with group leadership to develop and update strategy for overall organization as part of annual budget process, to be approved by board

  • Evaluate progress towards committed mid-term plan targets, identify upside potential / downside risk and proactively suggest alternative / incremental actions

  • Identify potential market shifts (product, customer, competitor, regulatory) and develop proactive plans

6. M&A: follow up on potential M&A opportunities (multiple opportunities currently being evaluated) and coordinate execution   

  • Build relationships with shareholders, management and advisors of relevant target companies 

  • Be point-person in deal execution, coordinating internal management, Permira representatives and external advisors 

7. STAKEHOLDERS: Develop trusted relationships with the group leadership, country management and shareholders 

General Information

Ho Chi Minh



Industrial Products

$3.000 - $5.000

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Project Management Officer (PMO) job closed

Mr. Nam Hoang



Project Management Officer (PMO)

$3.000 - $5.000

Ho Chi Minh


Industrial Products


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