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Production Controller-#179

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Production Controller

The Production Controller has the responsibility to set up, develop and manage control measures,
procedures and monitoring system to secure the efficiency and effectiveness of the production
process and all related resources e.g. human resources, material consumption in order to secure the
profitability both on a local as well as on a global level

Cost Center

1. Provide monthly cost centerreports to CC responsible persons to achieve transparency

2. ReviewCCresults with CC responsible persons to build up financial knowledge and achieve cost awareness in the organization

3. Discuss with CC responsible persons the variation, decide measures with management and secure / monitor theimplementation

4. Perform bottom up planning togetherwith CC responsible persons based on local / global targets to achieve budget acceptance

Production Controlling

1. Secure that standard cost is defined based on globally defined target costs in order to secure a stable improvementofa value price based consolidated gross profitmargin. This applies specifically to the definition of the rightstandardtime on SKU level.

2. Control of standard manufacturing costs in terms ofmaterial consumption and laborcosts to manage the variance of local (incl. local profitability)andconsolidated COGS

a. Develop system integrated approach to analyze variances b. Define, reportandanalyze useful variance categories

c. Push improvementstrough line managementandproceed regular follow ups

5. Prepare monthly report about efficiency, have regular follow up’s with production management to achieve, secure and improve efficiency targets

6. Share efficiency figures and expected developmentwith production planning to ensure a proper capacity planning

8. Assist in planning cycle which includes annualcompany budgetandforecast cycle

9. Perform yearlyplan activityprices at the level of each activity types

10. Report and control the stock figurestoreduce proportion of non-moving items and manage the valuation adjust risk SCM Controlling

1. Report and analyze variances in production order lead time, back orders and deliveryreliability to meet production in regular follow up’stomet the expectation of the Client

2. Support SCM to build up monitoring tools to ensure that relevant master data (capacity) for production planning are in line with reality.

HR Controlling

1. Report and analyze HR relevant KPI’s (Turnoverrate,employee structure)andtheir impact on production efficiency

Inventory Control

1. Lead scrap control team

2. Process control and prevention ofabuse ofscrap


1. Lead, train,develop supervise and evaluate teammember



1. Secure constant improvement of cost of goodsand the related drivers

2. Ensurecosttransparency forCCresponsible persons and make themaware abouttheirresponsibility

3. Provide profitability analyses for management as decisions base,drivedecisions regardingcorrective measures and monitor the implementation

4. Implementation and development of existing and new KPI for production

5.Assistance in planning cycle which includes annual company budget and reforecast cycle

1. Output driven organization, which stuck between different targets like output and financial targets

2. Strong and very experienced organization, which needs a senior business partner, who canchallenge them

3. Relatively low transparency on cost and consequently cost awareness

4. Combine focus on local optimization with global targets


1. Total turnover 5,700 million THB/14 million pcs in 2011 and 8,500 million THB/21 million pcs in 2015

2. Total cost 5,300 million THB in 2011 and 8,000 million THB in 2015

3. Total cost centres 220 in 2011

4. Team member 10 in 2011 and 20in2015

5. Staff 10,000 in 2011


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Ho Chi Minh



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Production Controller job closed

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Production Controller


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