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Power Division Project Manager-#131

Client Information


Our client is leading in Material Equipment Building

Job Information

Power Division Project Manager


General Mission


  • Carrying out oversea projects assigned to him while insuring the respect/control of margin level, debts collection, timing of projects, QMS rules, safety and image of the Company.


Project Management

In charge to manage successfully specific projects, including among other tasks:

Pre-Bidding Stage:


  • Working upstream to try to influence or close the specifications and create a favorable situation for the Company or its principals under instructions from Power Division Deputy Manager (or Power Division Manager when not applicable)


Bidding Stage:


  • Study carefully the Bid documents to identify all necessary technical and commercial specificities as well as risks and send the Power Project Profile (PPP) to Power Division Manager as soon as possible.
  • Liaison with known suppliers, or research of new suppliers (by respecting exclusivity agreement or strategic relationships the Company may have) to collect quotations
  • Analysis of competition
  • Preparation of tenders or quotations (including forecast of necessary bid bonds when required).
  • Discussion with Power Project Manager on technical solutions, costing and price level on a project by project basis
  • Submission of tenders or quotations on due time.
  • Clarification preparation and submission


Contract Stage:


  • Participate in the negotiate the contract with customer under instruction from Power Division Manager keeping in mind to preserve the interest of the Company
  • Prepare budget and planning of the projects. Follow up.
  • Contract management (including preparation of contract, negotiation with suppliers, purchasing, documents for approval, follow-up of manufacturing/shipping, shipping documents, negotiation of L/C if any, invoicing, payments to suppliers and from customers, penalties, after-sales, …), including:



  • Preparation of contract
  • Negotiation with suppliers (make sure that negotiated standard payment terms with suppliers are followed)
  • Prepare and place P.O.
  • Check that acknowledgement of orders are in line with our P.O. and quotations from suppliers.
  • Preparation of documents to be submitted for approval, including necessary design and calculation.
  • Follow up of manufacturing / shipping
  • Provide all necessary information to Sales Administration and Logistic Staffs to establish L/C, shipping documents, invoices, and shipment schedules.
  • Make payment request to Administration on time to avoid implementation delays.
  • Follow up payment from customer
  • Controlling that suitable penalty for late delivery are applied to Manufacturers as per our P.O. terms (and by the same time checking that delay is not due to our late answer or payment)



  • Respecting the contractual obligations of the parties.
  • Keeping Deputy Power Division Manager (or Power Division Manager when not applicable) regularly informed about implementation of projects and problems which may happen


Monitor and Control



  • Monitor / control the cashflow forecasts (including bonds and L/C).
  • Control the collection of debts.
  • Monitor / control the profitability of projects and propose remedy actions in case of deviance versus forecasted profitability.
  • Analyze the risks (payment terms, technical, currency,) at each stage of the projects (quotation and implementation).


Quality Management


  • Respect the Company / Division quality management system


Reporting to Deputy Power Division Manager (or Power Division Manager when not applicable)


  • Detailed activity report about all followed projects (weekly)
  • All problems which may affect profitability, timing, company credibility, safety, QMS … and/or for which he need the advise / arbitration of the Deputy Power Division Manager and/or Power Division Manager


Key Performance Indicators (KPI)


  • Weekly reporting (regularity and content)
  • Cashflow follow up (regularity and accuracy)
  • Debts collection (target is to have 50% to be collected at due date, 25% at 30 days from due date and 25% at 60 days from due date. No debts at 60 days from due date)
  • Respect of budgeted projects margin (and eventually ameliorate them)
  • Respect of contractual timing
  • Respect of QMS procedures



General Information

Ho Chi Minh



Media / Printing / Publishing Editor / Reporter / Writer TV / Newspaper


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Power Division Project Manager job closed

Mr. Nam Hoang



Power Division Project Manager


Ho Chi Minh


Media / Printing / Publishing Editor / Reporter / Writer TV / Newspaper


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