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Merchandiser - Senior Executive-#1034

Client Information


Our client is Denmark, specializes in producing indoor furniture

Job Information

Merchandiser - Senior Executive

-Support to find the new supplier to support the production line of factory by assessing if they can match the needed wood material, type of product, range of price

-Negotiate the price with the supplier, depending on the quantity, the wood price changed at time

-Send the technical drawing to the supplier to develop the first sample to see if the quality is finalized ok, then the supplier can get the green light to start their production

-Place order to suppliers, arrange right products to right suppliers to meet the shipdate requirement

-Follow up the order’s production status with suppliers

-Push and persuade the supplier to arrange the production schedule to meet the requested delivery time

-Monitor and check the quantity, the price after each the delivery from the supplier, then confirm to them so that they can issue the red invoice accordingly

-Support to follow the supplier’s outstanding payment

-Following up the sample request for the customers in charge and arranging, monitoring the pick-up process to meet the cut-off time

-Support to order the needed material for making samples (HPL, shelf of seat/back of chair, cabinet if needed…)

-Everytime receive new order from Denmark, export the database from C5. Then study which kind of products/materials have to be ordered with suppliers and which kind of products company can produce inhouse. Check with the supplier and factory the possibility of the delivery time which must meet the customer’s requirement. After that, issue PI confirmed to Denmark.

-Arrange the production request sent to company for the products produced inhouse

-Handle information from Denmark regarding to quantity changed, items changed…to make sure all relevant people understand and follow

-Handle any miscellaneous things regarding to the customer’s request or Denmark’s request

-Prepare the information reg. the orders for the technician to make the shipping mark and check all to make sure the shipping mark of all orders are correct. Then send to the purchaser for place order with the box supplier

-Monitor and book the inspection on  online system for customers. Follow up the payment in time to make sure the inspection is confirmed an conducted as per the fixed date requested

-Preparing QC checklist providing all needed information (including the orders, sub-suppliers, delivery time, the special requirements of specific customers) to make sure all relevant persons to understand and follow up

-Support in the collecting of EUTR, REACH documents from the suppliers for and customer.

-Work with  third party for the lab test request for Customers

-Check shipping documents for correct/ matched all information before sending out to Denmark

-Prepare and arrange express company for sending out the original docs to Denmark


1.Knowledgeable good about related commodity markets.

2. Strong knowledge of processes and procedures for purchasing and reporting.

3. There is a sense of responsibility, dynamic work, communicate and handle the situation well.

4. Ability to work independently and in groups.

5. Experience of at least 01 years in the same position (the timber industry)

6. Ability to work under high pressure.

General Information

Binh Duong


Senior Specialist

Merchandise/ Buyer


Contact Us

Merchandiser - Senior Executive job closed

Minh Nguyen


+84 (028) 38244744- ext 113

Merchandiser - Senior Executive


Binh Duong


Merchandise/ Buyer

Senior Specialist

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