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Manufacturing Manager-#434

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Manufacturing Manager


1. Manufacturing Business Direction

  • Plant Targets: Understand and contribute to the Plant’s three-year Business Plan and Annual Operating Plan.
  • Manufacturing Direction: Within the context of the Plant’s three-year Business Plan and Annual Operating Plan, develop and get approval for Manufacturing’s two year Business Plan and Annual Departmental Operating Plan respectively.
  • Direct Reports’ SMART Goals: Communicate Manufacturing’s Business and Annual Departmental Operating Plans to direct reports (DR) as context for developing their annual SMART Goals. Approve direct reports’ SMART Goals.

2. Manufacturing Delivery Capability

  • Structure: Continuously improve the Manufacturing organization structure, role profiles and cross-functional work process flows to optimize the effective recruitment, deployment and direction of people in Manufacturing.
  • People: Consistent with the approved Manufacturing structure and role profiles:
  • Maintain a rolling two-year and annual Manufacturing manpower headcount and recruitment plan, including anticipated retirements, resignations, terminations, promotions, transfers, new hires and consistent with all country, customer and Plant policies and codes of conduct.
  • Maintain and monitor implementation of a rolling two-year and annual Manufacturing manpower development and succession plan, including the task assignments, external and internal job rotations and training (personal, technical and managerial skills) needed by each person, to equip Manufacturing with the trained know-how to achieve Plant and TAL performance goals.
  • Processes: Develop, get approval for, socialize (within Manufacturing and cross-functionally) and periodically update essential Manufacturing functional policies, procedures, work processes, and work methods, in line with Plant and Group guidelines.
  • Equipment: Develop and implement a rolling two year and annual Production machinery plan, including addition of new machines and replacement of existing machines within Group guidelines. Hold Chief Mechanic accountable for introducing and developing new machine technologies, work aids, modifications, and automation designs to further improve manufacturing output and quality.
  • Conducive Manufacturing Work Environment: Monitor work environment to ensure that all aspects of the physical work environment and all aspects of employees’ work practices comply with country, customer and Plant, occupational health and safety standards and guidelines.
  • Performance Measures: Establish measures and systems for monitoring and reporting on the performance of the total Manufacturing department.
  • Continuous Improvement: Keep updated on and recommend new technologies, tools, methods and people in the market to improve Manufacturing’s delivery capacity. Share continuous improvements with other Plants. Proactively seek out and adopt continuous improvements from other Plants as appropriate.

3. Manufacturing Order Loading

  • Order Loading: Work with CSP to understand order requirements through Fashion Planning Workbench (FPW).
  • Production Capacity Planning: Work with Production Managers to plan and prepare total Manufacturing capacity (efficiency, SMV, headcount) in line with order projections.
  • Line Loading: Work with the CSP Planner to assign orders to Production lines to optimize individual line and Manufacturing output.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Continuously monitor and adjust line order loading to optimize individual line and Manufacturing output.
  • Cross-plant Support: Provide production capacity support to other Plants, and ask for production capacity support from other Plants through CSP as required from time to time.

4. Manufacturing Production Output

  • Manufacturing Performance Monitoring: Monitor and report performance against agreed targets, assess reasons for deviation, act to solve output shortfalls, and give early warning to CSP on production problems to help avoid negative surprises for the customer.
  • Customer-Plant Problem Resolution.
  • Establish a process for quickly solving non-conformance to customer requirements.
  • Establish a process for preventing non-conformance to customer requirements.
  • Cross-functional Problem Resolution: Establish a process for quickly solving internal cross-functional work conflicts.
  • Garment Output: Hold direct reports individually and collectively accountable for producing garments on time and within customers’ quality and quantity standards.
  • Cross-functional Integration: Hold direct reports accountable for integrating and applying the functional skills within Manufacturing (A AMT, in-line / Production GT, in-line MS, in-line QC, Mechanic and sewer skills (e.g.mulch-skills)) to find and implement ways to continuously improve Manufacturing performance.

5.Managerial Leadership of Immediate Team

  • Business Context: Communicate the "bigger picture” context in which direct reports need to plan and execute work (e.g. world, country, industry, Group, customer and inter-departmental considerations.)
  • Collaborative Teamwork: Establish process for meeting regularly and holding direct reports accountable for effective and collaborative teamwork between departments, at their level.
  • Direct Report Performance Management*: Agree on SMART goals and assignments with individual direct reports and provide continuous managerial guidance and feedback. Provide support for enhancing performance in the current role, conduct mid-year progress reviews and determine year-end performance appraisal ratings.
  • Direct Report Development*: Assess the strengths and development needs of direct reports and coach them in developing their functional/technical and managerial leadership abilities in their current jobs and in line with their role profiles.
  • Recognition and Reward: Provide differential recognition and recommendations for reward incentives for direct reports (pay, promotion, development opportunities.)
  • De-selection: Recommend re-assignment or termination of direct reports where appropriate, supported by a fair "due process” program.
  • Appeals Process: Provide a fair appeals process for employees one level down who have a grievance with their manager.
  • *Note: Manager accountable for: 1) coaching direct reports to improve their performance and their abilities in their current job, 2) assessing future potential of employees one-level down (reporting to the manager’s direct reports)and mentoring them in terms of their career development for future roles, 3) identifying and developing successors for their direct reports.

6.Future Talent Pool

  • Talent Pool Analysis: Assess the future potential of the total talent pool (all employees) one-level down in terms of future manpower requirements.
  • Mentoring and Career Development*: Establish mentoring and career development programs with individual employees one-level down based on future manpower requirements, assessment of individual potential and individual interests.
  • Direct Report Successor Development*: Identify and have ready for promotion minimum two potential successors for direct reports within target timeframe required by the Manufacturing Department.
  • *Note: Manager accountable for: 1) coaching direct reports to improve their performance and their abilities in their current job, 2) assessing future potential of employees one-level down (reporting to the manager’s direct reports)and mentoring them in terms of their career development for future roles, 3) identifying and developing successors for their direct reports.

7.Alignment with TAL Core Values and Culture

  • Personal Alignment: Understand and personally commit to the Group’s core values and culture.
  • "Walk the Talk”: Lead by example and behave consistently with the Group’s core values and culture.
  • Reinforcement and Support: Communicate and visibly use the Group’s core values as guidelines for daily decision making. Support Group initiatives to reinforce the core values and culture.
  • Coaching: Coach direct reports to behave consistently with the Group’s core values and culture.

8.Personal Effectiveness

  • Assessment: Take accountability for self-assessment of how to improve own personal effectiveness in the current role.
  • Feedback: Ask for feedback regarding personal effectiveness from relevant parties.
  • Development Plan: Pro-actively discuss ways for improving personal effectiveness with direct manager. Seek opportunities for learning and growth. Participate fully in development opportunities provided by the Group and consciously apply the learning from the development programs.


  • University graduated
  • Fluent in English
  • More than 5 years of experience at the same position
  • Good English & computer skills.
  • Innovative, Organized, Timeliness, Teamwork

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Thai Binh



Production / Manufacturing / Process


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Manufacturing Manager


Thai Binh


Production / Manufacturing / Process


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