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Legal Manager-#107

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Our client leading Car Company in Vietnam

Job Information

Legal Manager

Job Description


This position is responsible for Company’s Government affairs and Legal activities.

·Legal advisor of the company.

·To ensure company’s compliance with relevant laws/regulations.

·Custodian of all legal documents.

·Management of litigation matters and to work closely with external legal firm.

·To undertake Government Affairs function.

·To educate associates on global polices/procedures, Standard Operating Procedures and the Global Code of Conduct & Ethics.


·Legal & Licenses

·Drafting and vetting of all legal documents/agreements for the Company and other documentations in respect of projects and business restructuring undertaken by the company

·Providing pragmatic legal solutions, integrating legal advice to business needs and practical legal advice on restructuring, implementing compliance programs and changes in conjunction with Client Global’s objectives.

·To work with external legal firm and to manage and monitor selection of evidence to enhance the probabilities of favorable outcome in litigation issues.

·Risk management - compliance, conflict management, reporting of potential risks, litigation and preventive legal measures.

·Liaising/advising Regional/Cluster Head on IP infringement issues/trademark or contentious legal issues.


·To advice the company on all legal aspects of Avon Vietnam’s business including without limitation Direct Selling/multi level marketing and other laws affecting the business and to provide assistance/attending to day-to-day legal request from internal clients.

·Educating/increase the legal awareness among the associates in Avon Vietnam and CDC’s owners.

·To provide summary report on new legislatives, guidelines, instructions and other matters which have bearings on Avon Vietnam’s business.

·Conduct legal research and to prepare Legal Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) and compliance with the Internal Legal Framework.

·To ensure that all associates are aware of Avon’s Global Policy as and when

2- Government & Regulatory Affairs

·Undertakes responsibility to apply/secure requisite approval/permits/licenses

·pertaining to company’s business not limited to direct selling, cosmetics and other

·approvals required from the local government/authorities;

·Monitoring compliance by the associates and CDCs under the terms of the permit/approval as the case maybe.

·Develop and implement government affairs agenda for Avon Vietnam including:

·Maintain good relationships with governmental organizations that Avon Vietnam

·worked with including the licensing organs, Customs, Tax, Department of Health,

·Labor Department, Social & Health Insurance Department;

·Identify key contacts at various level of government and maintain good relationships;


·Facilitate key relationships to ensure our business models, strategies, plans into the marketplace are accepted/recognized by the government/authorities;

·Set up/organize conferences, meetings, discussion, events, etc. with governmental

·authorities and/or organization;

·Set up senior calls;_

·Responsible for all communication activities for the company with government;

·Work closely and/or communicate timely with other business units to ensure coordination and consistency in presenting the company to Government, Press, Sales

·Representatives and Public.

·Set up and implement relevant Contingency Plans under local Crisis Management


·Build up Avon’s reputation by contribution in professional associations in


·Carry out any other duties so delegated by the Country Manager from time to time


3 Administration


·Manage the administration tasks/activities of the company

·Carry out any other duties so delegated by the Country Manager from time to time




·Local Authority

·Local Suppliers

·Assistance from VSIP, MOH









·Minimum 5 years working experience or in similar role in a legal firm or in the legal department of a foreign company. Experience in dealing with government officials/authorities is an added advantage.

·Skills/ Has acquired or developed the following skills/

·Good communication and interpersonal skills across all levels of the organization

·Excellent presentation skills with the ability to get a point across, and translate complex terms into understandable terms for the public is essential

·Firm understanding of Vietnamese business laws and other related laws and regulations

·Must have the ability to understand and become/remain conversant in the complex and

·key issues facing the company/industry and the regulation of direct selling

·Strong research skills on legislative/regulatory issues

·Teamwork skills, flexibility, well-organized

·Must be highly motivated, self-directed, and have excellent relationship/rapport building ability

·Good negotiating and influencing skills


General Information

Ho Chi Minh



Media / Printing / Publishing Editor / Reporter / Writer TV / Newspaper


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Legal Manager job closed

Mr. Nam Hoang



Legal Manager


Ho Chi Minh


Media / Printing / Publishing Editor / Reporter / Writer TV / Newspaper


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