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Production Manager (FMCG)-#1836

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Our leading FMCG client base in HCM City

Job Information

Production Manager (FMCG)


  • Advises the Senior Operations Manager on all issues and projects in relation to the factory.
  • Advises the Senior Operations Manager on the layout of the plant and choice of equipment for projects in the factory.
  • Responsible for Quality Assurance from procurement of product and services to delivery of product to customers.
  • Responsible for the Establishment and Implementation of Company Quality System in.


  • Co-ordinates all daily and weekly activities to ensure that the production plans are achieved.
  • Ensures systems for reporting, recording and filling of key production information are maintained.

Safety/ Enviroment

  • Organizes and supervises routine audits of the plant to ensure that housekeeping, fire safety and environmental standards are being maintained to a high standard and continuously improved.
  • Monitor and improve hygienic practices on plant and personel.


  • Monitors all reports for material and packaging waste, and sets up working team to investigate the cause of exceptional losses. Sets targets and optimizes the process in order to achieve the targets.
  • Monitors machine efficiency reports, advises subordinate to ensure that the target efficiency standards are maintained.
  • Carries out disciplinary procedures if required for staff.
  • Ensures that company regulations and policies, labour laws and regulations are followed by all employees at all times.


  • Advises the Senior Operations Manager on the long term capacity of the plant and possible upgrades/ improvement.


  • Ensure all products are met within the quality.
  • Responsible for the quality assurance of all products to keep QC procedures and local law.

General Information

Binh Duong



Production - Manufacturing

50-70 million

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Production Manager (FMCG) job closed

Lan Pham



Production Manager (FMCG)

50-70 million

Binh Duong


Production - Manufacturing


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