#4394 Sales Engineer (HCM & HN)

European company manufacturing screw, plugs, bolts, construction handy equipment, chemical bond, anchors and other construction material and equipment. we have manufacturing factory in different Territory in Europe, UK, Thailand, Vietnam and Hundreds of satellite office and distribution facility and stores globally. Investment in our production facilities and research & development centres means that new and innovative fastening solutions are being created all the time. Additionally, a strong commitment to sustainability guarantees that our products and processes are developed responsibly. The Rawlplug brand was created in 1919 in the UK and quickly established an international presence. Today we have subsidiaries and distributors across the world responsible for the design, development, production, delivery, sale, installation and service of our products. Rawlplug solutions continue to set the direction of development for the fixings market. Trust and innovation We see a strong connection between Rawlplug's long heritage and our present ambitions for sustainable development. We employ a strategy of responsible management and we have a healthy and respectful relationship with our surroundings. We believe that these qualities contribute to a secure future for us. We openly share our knowledge and support our customers in choosing the appropriate fixings and preparing projects. Regardless of the size of the job, Rawlplug guarantees the safety and reliability of our products for long-term operation.

  • Ho Chi Minh
Job Description:


This position is responsible for growing sales, marketing, and reputation of the client products in the

assigned territory with the company plans and strategy and under the guidance of the National Sales


Key responsibilities and tasks

• Responsible for selling client products in the assigned territory.

• Complete the business objectives assigned in the fiscal year including revenue and debts.

• Establishing, developing, and maintaining effective customer relationships to sustain and promote growth

of sales operations and client brand.

• Combined with Specification team, build and develop relationship with designers/ consultants/ clients

of the relevant trades and to promote the specification of client brand in the Design phase.

• Assisting and cooperating with customers in providing Technical Data Sheet; Method Statement; Samples;

Quotation; Contract; Demo; Presentation as required.

• Making some research about Competitors; Market; Trend … to develop adequate tactics and strategies.

• Coordinating colleagues and other departments to achieve group goals.

• Planning and providing weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly sales reports.

• Planning and providing monthly sales forecasts as well as monthly traveling plans.

• Undertaking and performing other duties as assigned the BoDs.

• Keeping confidential all company business information and documentation.


client expects its employees to be punctual and honest and encourages them to be enthusiastic as well

as possess the ability to work as part of a team. The following competencies are required to perform this


• Possess sound interpersonal and communication skills.

• Excellent presentation and negotiation skills.

• Strong value based selling skills to be able to sell Features, Advantages and Benefit (FAB) of highend products/solutions vs cheaper and commodity products.

• Ability to implement plans leading to sales and market share growth.

• A proven track record of building long term relationships with customers.

• Ability to sell directly to the end users (contractors, installers) on sites but also support the dealer(s)

salesforce for selected customers/projects.

Educational and Experience Requirements:

• Intermediate skills required in all Microsoft applications.

• Bachelor’s degree in construction Materials; Civil Engineer or equivalent.

• Min two years’ experience in the Construction field.

• English skill: Reading & Writing skills are required.

Physical Requirements

• On occasion, enters or works in an area where hearing protection, safety glasses and hi-visibility

gear is required.

• Will be required to visit customers & building sites regularly.

• Climb up onto high structures from time to time.

• Provide product demonstrations.

• Extensive travel in Bangkok but also nationwide.

Health and Safety

Whilst at work you must:

• Take reasonable care for your own health and safety and for the safety and health of anyone else

who may be affected by your acts or omissions at the workplace.

• Not place at risk the health or safety of any person at the workplace.

• Wear Personal Protective Equipment in the designated areas.


• All employees have a responsibility to comply with all policies & procedures issued by the company.

• This position description should be regarded as a guide and may not include every task or responsibility

required to be performed by the employee.

Consultant Manager

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