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HR & Admin Manager-#2382

Client Information


A network of over 30,000 employees, operating ports and terminals in over 26 countries in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Australasia.

Job Information

HR & Admin Manager

  • Department/Section: HR.
  • Direct report: General Director.
  • Working place: Ba Ria – Vung Tau province.
  • Working time: From Monday to Friday, 8hrs a week!
  • Transportation: Company provides the shuttle bus from HCMC

Definition of Authority:

  • Have the right to perform and self-determinate the work. (I)
  • To perform but inform his/her managerial level and other interested parties. (II)
  • To consult with his/her managerial level or other interested parties before performing. (III)

Primary responsibility:

  • To lead and manage all aspects of HR – Admin function to assist in achieving business and growth goals for Company including (but not limited to) the following: HR strategy & policy, recruitment, and selection, compensation & benefits, Staff relations, training and development, performance management, organization culture, organization development, personnel administration, company administration.
  • Another importance of this role is facilitating the building of Staff capability and the implementation of cultural change initiatives consistent with the organization's objectives.

Workforce planning and recruitment:

  • Set up annual Headcount Budget and manage effectively HR cost. III
  • Establishes and disseminates the company’s rules and regulations for manpower planning and staffing. III
  • Formulates the recruitment plans based on the set annual Headcount Budget. I
  • Institutes effective techniques and processes to identify qualified candidates. I
  • Ensures the placement of successful candidates as the requisition. I
  • Making preliminary terms and conditions to employ new hires. III
  • Providing and facilitate the induction training courses for new hires to equip the proper integration in the job and working environment.I
  • Review, analyze statistical information and provide appropriate action plans e.g. New Hires, Turnover. I

Compensation and Benefits:

  • The key driver to set up & maintain salary structure, compensation & benefits (C&B) policies. 
  •  Participate in market total compensation survey to update the market trend (including general survey and specific survey), conduct necessary analysis to benefit proposals/ adjustments. 
  • Ensure C&B policies are competitive, reasonable with the market and updated time to time basis. 
  • Manage smoothly C&B operation including payroll, insurances, welfares, etc. 
  • Offer Staff the equitable salary on the basis of the value of their job responsibilities and their contributions to the objectives of the Company. 
  • Making the appropriate salary action is taken in relation to personnel activities such as hiring rate,
  • promotion and reclassification increases, general salary adjustment and other forms of salary movements 
  • Closely keep in touch with the Group HR Team to conduct an annual TCR program for the managerial level. 

Training and Development:

  • Conduct training needs analysis (TNA) for staff to identify the competency-gap vs the competency description to maximize the high performance of company business. II
  • Facilitating the company business & strategy into the training development program. II
  • Build up and delivery the training & development requirements/plans for all Staff in line with Company policy/objectives.I
  • Set the annual training budget and closely manage effectively training costs. III
  • Playing the role as the internal Trainer and enhance the effectiveness of an internal training program. II
  • Establishes the on-the-job methods of training, coaching, and development in accordance with the identified needs of Staff. II
  • Establishes and disseminates policy and procedures for training and development. III
  • Evaluates the results of a program to determine its effectiveness. II

Organization and Development:

  • Coordinate with the functional manager to set up the job description, job evaluation, job grade, organization structure and keep it updated time to time basis. 
  • Ensure a succession plan is available and corresponding development plans in place for all identified succession plan positions. 
  • Co-ordinate to build a sound, positive, professional organization culture/working environment and implement culture change initiatives consistent with the organization's direction (vision, mission, values, core working principles). Promote and communicate Company Core Values. 

Industrial Relations:

  • Act as an official company speaker to staff and key consultants in staff grievances. 
  • Ensure labor discipline and company regulations, code of conduct, labor law, legal requirements are effectively disseminated and complied with. 
  • Monitor Trade Union relations and government relations, implement initiatives to ensure satisfaction among staff majority to retain talented staff and minimize staff turnover. I
  • Maintains continuous communication between Staff and Management focusing on issues or situations in the workplace that may arise conflict or problems.
  • Ensures that Staff concerns or problems are restrained or minimized and resolved expeditiously to the satisfaction of both parties. 
  • Provide HR consultation and assistance to managers of all levels and Management. 

Performance Management:

  • Design effective practice performance management for BU in line with Group PMS. 
  • Coordinate the performance management and monitor the annual performance appraisal, ensure the appropriate training for application to Staff are conducted prior to implementation. 
  • Implement initiatives to leverage a high performance within an organization 
  • Ensure the system is updated time to time basis and in align with TCR, training and development, Organization development. 

Company Administration:

  • Set up the relevant policies and procedures to manage the admin activities. 
  • Conduct Admin tasks: canteen, landscape, office facilities, annual Health examination stationery, etc. IManage the admin cost-effectively, implement initiatives to save the admin cost to the company. 
  • Build up company events program such as Family day, Outing workshop, Anniversary, etc.
  • Approval of all HR & admin related invoices as per the authorisation matrix. 
  • Facilitate appropriate celebrations and recognition of events for the company. 

HR Information System:

  • Formulate, review the organizational chart in accordance with the company’s structure change. 
  • Formulate an effective method for acquiring information, such as the Staff’s status, conduct, development, work condition, and other personnel.
  • Provide YTD information and ensure that such records are up-to-date for immediate reference.
  • Support Managers in coordination of personnel movements, i.e. transfers, annual leave, promotions.
  • Making fully report to Management on time basis as required. 



- Education: BA major in Human Resources Management or relevant field, a master qualification is preferable. Good knowledge of international HR Management and a good concept of business management.
- Experience: Minimum 08 years’ experience in the HR field mainly in an international company with a size of 500 to 1,000 headcounts (including at least 4 years as an HR Leadership role).

Key Leadership Competencies

  •  Decision Making
  • Talent Development
  • Influent With Impact
  • Trust Building

Key Soft Skills

  • Communication Skill
  • Train The Trainer
  • Problems Solving Skills
  • Management Skills

Key Technical Competencies

  • C&B Management
  • Recruitment & Selection
  • Training & Development
  • Employees Relationships

Key Relationships

  • HR Staff
  • Management & Employees
  • Client
  • Group HR Team

General Information

Ba Ria - Vung Tau



Human Resources


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HR & Admin Manager job closed

Mr. Nam Hoang OR Ha Doan

nam.hoang@headhuntvietnam.com OR ha.doan@headhuntvietnam.com

0907758782 OR 0909120982

HR & Admin Manager


Ba Ria - Vung Tau


Human Resources


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