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Food Department Manager-#2300

Client Information


Business category: Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Feed and Food Ingredients, Fine Chemicals, Cosmetics Ingredients and Industrial Raw Materials.

Job Information

Food Department Manager

  1. Scope (the way the position contributes to and impacts on the organisation):
  • A Food Ingredients – Department Manager (DM) must be able to determine what drivers the client is implementing for a given product. e.g. is this product price driven or market driven. The ability to deliver effective product/supplier presentations is essential in securing business.
  • A DM also provides technical assistance to clients when in need and therefore dictates that he/she must have complete understanding of the product's application as well as the specifications of food ingredients, chemical nature, alternatives etc.
  • A DM in general will spend 70% of their time traveling to and visiting prospective buyers and current clients whilst the other 30% is spent in- house in preparation for selling days and management tasks.
  • A DM would take reporting of one Food TSR, which entails training about product, customer orientation, company rules, supplier information, selling skills, achieving TSR's target and all other market development activities.  

 2. General Responsibilities:

  • Creates client-visit itinerary report for the next week and submits this the Friday before to Business Manager (BM).
  • Sells raw materials to his/her assigned accounts.
  • Visits clients, to monitor and service all needs of the customer, and thereby create and contribute to more sales.
  • Works with the BM and Group Sales Coordinator, to prepare, submit, and monitor quotations and samples.
  • Prepares Weekly Summary Report, which includes client inquiries, sales, and market updates (i.e. client-wise, supplier-wise, product-wise) to facilitate the development of selling strategies of her team.
  • Assists clients in product innovations to increase business and turnover. This is achieved by providing frequent updates from the Raw Material Industry.
  • Handles and addresses problems which may arise in the course of client’s transaction i.e. shipment delays, etc.
  • Assists the Credit & Collection Department in payment monitoring of assigned client.

  • Monitors for indent/ forward businesses, the statuses of L/C deadlines, shipments, or any issue pertaining to a client’s order.

  • Provides creative ideas and suggestions for better sales productivity, client coverage, and time management.

  • Produces an annual Sales Forecast of your own clients.

  • Reports quarterly the sales performance of the team to the BM.

  • Processes the source of new suppliers to find competent suppliers for the Food and Seafood Industries.

  • Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the the BM, or designate.

3. General Required Regular Reports/Outlooks:

  • Proceeds Quotations for Clients (submitted to BM for approval before sending to client).
  • Does Weekly Summary Report (submitted to BM on the Friday of the week being reported).
  • Makes Client Evaluation Report to determine business potential vs. existing business with RMD (submitted to BM as required).
  • Prepares Annual Sales Forecast (when required by BM).
  • All correspondence to suppliers is Cc from Sales person to BM.
  • Claims must be reported within the day directly to BM.
  • Cc of all reports is requested to be sent to BM.
  • Discusses Supplier visits including programs and cost within Vietnam with BM to obtain the latter’s consensus.
  • Asks for BM’s approval on your holidays’ requires.
  • Makes client-visit itinerary for the next week and completes Weekly Summary Report as requested.
  • Proposes and discusses with BM about the trade fairs that shall be visited.

4. Specific responsibilities for YOU:

  • Handles all Food Ingredients/ Flavours/ Seafood businesses.

 5. Your Required Regular Reports/Outlooks:

  • Revises/ discusses your client-visit itinerary for the next week as well your Weekly Summary Report with BM.
  • Submits your Offer form to BM to get the latter’s approval.
  • Join Sales meetings for reviewing your weekly sales activities as scheduled on Mondays.
  • Discusses with BM on pro-active products that shall be developed.
  • Discusses and gets BM’s approval for your travelling cash advance, your travelling expense forms and your entertainment expenses with concerned customers and suppliers.
  • Shares market and product information with the whole team.
  • Discusses Supplier visits including programs and cost within Vietnam with BM’s approval of the travelling expense amount.
  • Puts in full use of your client-visit itinerary.

Notes: This Job Description (JD) is created for the purpose to help the respective Assistant Manager understand his/ her responsibilities as well as improve the communication among the departmental members. This JD is not constant and is subject to review/ revise to meet the requirements of LV Rep. Office as well as HQ. This JD is also used for supporting the yearly performance appraisal of the concerned staff.

6. Qualifications Required:

  • Graduate of BS in Food Chemist/ Food Technologist, or similar course.
  • Productive sales experience in similar field of not less than four (4) years, with strong inclination towards sales and client contact.
  • High proficiency in both written and oral English.
  • Customer-focused, results-oriented, team worker, solutions-driven.
  • Meticulous, energetic, systematic, self-driven, and able to work with minimum supervision.
  • Facility to report regularly to superiors without prodding.
  • Computer literate in Windows environment.
  • Capability/potential for acquiring higher responsibilities.

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