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Country Sale Manager-#2462

Client Information


The market leader for tropical vegetable seeds

Job Information

Country Sale Manager

Main Purpose:

● Setting and executing a winning we sales strategy towards growth and competitive advantage.

● Increasing revenue from business opportunities, acquiring new accounts, growing existing accounts, new product introduction and other initiatives.

● Building our sales team, with key strengths for implementing the growth strategy; attract, develop and retain sales talents.

● Build strong relationships with farmers and customers for mutual benefit.

● Managing the sales operations to achieve the goals of the sales department.

Accountabilities – list in priority order the main accountabilities/deliverables of the role, including key measures. These should be clearly the responsibilities of the JOB HOLDER.

● Manage the company’s Competitive Sales Strategy:

- Leads the planning and execution of our competitive sales strategy aimed at increasing market share or competitive advantage.

● Increase Revenue:

- Generates new business opportunities and supports others ( e.g. channel partners, sales associates and sales leaders ) I securing and growing accounts.

● Attract, Develop and Retain Sales Talent:

- Attracts, develops and retains talent to ensure that people with the right skills and motivations are in the right place at the right time to meet the needs of the sales organization.

● Build Strong Customer Relationships Through the Sales Process:

-  Establishes mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with farmers, distributors and dealers through the sales process.

Deliverables for success of sales manager

 ❏ Execute the sales plan

 ❏ Execute the distribution plan, grow key dealer, volume and profit, execute the action for annual GROW

 ❏ Translate marketing plan into sales actions, how to achieve the GROW ambitions ! Working with marketing to create pull from market

 ❏ Making extra profit, get more bonus

 ❏ Minimum account receivables, collecting money 

 ❏ Making sure inventory is moving forward, non and slow moving product clean up.

 ❏ Training, both maintaining and improving product enrichment, sales skills

 ❏ Maintain and optimize dealer incentive program, propose best plan (actually this is a GM ownership not the sales manager)

 ❏ Maintain and optimize sales incentive program, propose best plan (actually this is a GM ownership not the sales manager)

TOP 3 – 5 INITIAL CHALLENGES for this Position

● Gaining understanding of the unique sales and marketing opportunities and challenges for us, and developing its growth sales strategy

● Gaining acceptance as leader of the Sales and Marketing team, developing the sales team

● Transitioning to our culture, its organization and its systems

Job Dimensions – what is the scope of the role – volume, net revenue, bud get, geography, number of customers, number of sites etc for THIS role?

- Nation-wide, all portfolio in Vietnam

Key Skills/Experience Required – specific education/certification, specific functional experience, language etc NEEDED for the job. Please note that this is not necessarily the incumbent’s personal background.


● With 5 years experience as a Sales Manager in an international company, with nation-wide coverage in Vietnam, in a business similar to us

● With a track record of accomplishments in growing sales revenues and developing the sales organization.

● Can travel to us areas of operation

● Adaptability to a new organizational environment.

● Can adapt to different cultures and work with colleagues from Thailand, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Indonesia, etc.

● Good communication skills, with fluent English for communicating globally

● Preferably a Vietnamese national with work experience in an international agriculture or life sciences company

Personal Work Preferences Suitable for this Position:

❏ Winner, target oriented, likes a challenge

❏ Discipline, strict but fair attitude

❏ Team player, understands the value of team contribution

❏ Data driven, makes analysis and understand what outcome is value, we do not want a chicken without a head

❏ Functional and clear communication, no news is good news mentality

❏ Learning ability, ambitious - go for 3 good years he will contribute instead of a life long we commitment

Main interactions within & outside organization / External & Internal Environmental Factors

 - Key job roles both internally and externally that the job-holder interacts with on a daily, weekly, monthly basis. What is the nature of the interaction? What are the complexities of the environment in which this position exists?

 If this is a RE-EVALUATION of an EXISTING role, what has changed since the role was last evaluated (additional scope, accountabilities etc). Organization charts showing the role before and after the change must be submitted.

Known comparable roles/peers – Please highlight the job title and/or current incumbent of any known comparable roles

General Information

Ho Chi Minh



Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Client Services

$5k (++)

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Van Anh OR Tô Tuấn Thanh (Tony)

vananh.nguyen@headhuntvietnam.com OR thanh.to@headhuntvietnam.com

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Country Sale Manager

$5k (++)

Ho Chi Minh


Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Client Services


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