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Argonomy Manager-#1870

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Our client is leading Agriculture with 4000 employee

Job Information

Argonomy Manager

Job Description for Agronomy Manager

This is a greenfield Black Pepper plantation project and the position holder will be part of team towards scaling up the planted area.

Key Responsibilities:

Strategic Agronomic Planning

  • Monitor and report field usage and maintain stock records.
  • Ensure that necessary information/ documentation is available for operations and other departments.

Crop Management

  • Assist in the planning, management and monitoring of the Pepper plantation. 
  • Assist in ensuring that yield is maximised economically under the prevailing conditions of the season.
  • Maintain extensive historical database, including yields and varieties.
  • Aerial Operations; complete orders for all aerial operations and monitor aerial activities to ensure quality of operations and that operations are undertaken during the desired climatic conditions.

Research and Development

  • Assist the Plantation head/s and other Agronomy team members in conducting research and development, and implementation of new ideas and technologies.
  • Identify problem areas requiring investigation and research.
  • Draw up trial plans, assessment methods etc. in conjunction with plantation heads and agronomists and the R&D team. Undertake and analyse trials to maintain and improve company position as industry leader.
  • Coordinate trial requirements within operational constraints.
  • At the end of each season, or earlier if possible, ensure that trials are assessed and data interpreted.
  • Ensure collation and presentation of end of season reports on the farm.
  • Actively seek out and propose any relevant technical developments and determine their “fit” into company farming practices.

Insect Control Management

  • Obtain accurate and timely assessment of pest dynamics and make daily insect control decisions. 
  • Instruct aerial operators on insecticide product, rate and mix.  
  • Manage application to achieve maximum efficiency without spray failures and with safety to crops, personnel and environment. 
  • Co-ordinate all sprays with the plantation head and farm team members.

Weed Management

  • Conduct weed assessments and decide on herbicide products, rates and application method.
  • Maintain accurate rates and placement on and aerial applications.
  • Assist in achieving minimal weed infestations in irrigation channels, coordinating controls and sprays with the Plantation head throughout the year.

Irrigation Scheduling of all Crops

  • Make crop inspections to determine irrigation dates in conjunction with the Plantation head.


  • 10 to 15 years’ experience as agronomist. Experience of working on Pepper agronomy is a plus
  • Degree in agriculture sciences in preferred
  • Work location is Cuh Puh, Gia Lai Province, Vietnam

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Gia Lai




40-50 million

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Argonomy Manager

40-50 million

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