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Finance Controller-#2035

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Our client is in the TOP 10 leading company in logistics in Vietnam

Job Information

Finance Controller

Job Description:

  • As a Finance Controller, to optimize the management duties and assist in making decisions which contribute to lasting profitability;
  • Act as a counter-power, alerting as needed and proposing corrective actions;
  • Ensure that all accounting records reflect precisely the business reality and adhere to both company standards and local tax and accounting regulations;
  • Communicate accounting figures simply and effectively to operational contacts;
  • Challenge current practices, if needed and propose new approaches;
  • Be a reference in terms of business & analysis

Job Duties:
Business partner: Contribute to the logistics management team’s decision making

  • Have a deep understanding of the logistics business activity, its constraints, rhythm and risks related to its business activity
  • Generate an overall Profit and Loss report each month that triggers speedy decisions
  • Know the key indicators of the logistics scope of operations and create action plans, together with the logistics managers, to improve them.
  • Participate regularly in operational meetings; the quality and relevance of your meeting contributions make them sought after by the team
  • Through training, boost your co-workers’ finance-related skills

Management Accounting: Ensure financial forecasts are reliable and optimize management processes within your scope of responsibility.

  • Promote a spirit of low costs and simplicity: Seek to optimize the logistics expenses using cost breakdown analysis, improving fixed costs, and sharing best practices within your scope of responsibility.
  • Help the logistics team to ensure the reliability of forecasts (Activity, expenses, Investment planning)
  • Together with logistics management team, create list of operational KPIs to keep track of logistics performance
  • Regularly go over the 12-months rolling piloting and 5 year trajectory planned in order to facilitate the budgeting process and evaluate current performance.
  • Make wise investment decisions using simple tools (e.g. Cost benefit analysis, Return on Investment)
  • Alert if needed on stock and flow indicators (Stock levels, rotations, etc.)

Financial Accounting: Ensure reliable financial information

  • Be in charge of local operating expenses for payroll (with Payroll service provider) and personnel expenses claims (through internal IT systems)
  • Ensure that the Profit and Loss accounts accurately reflect monthly income and expenses, and comply with company’s standards (EA) and local standards (AA);
  • Gather and identify business activity risks and reflect them in the financial books;
  • Ensure the completeness, existence and accuracy of fixed assets and inventories with the help of logistics operations managers.

Tax, Compliance and Internal controls

  • Provide relevant reporting to Tax and corporate authorities, external auditors regarding the financial information of the company
  • Ensure documents are well archived and available upon request (Corporate and Statutory information, Contracts and agreements with suppliers, etc.)
  • Be familiar with internal controls and processes; train team members and monitor their application of those processes
  • Critically evaluate processes in order to find weak spots and take actions to improve them

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