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Deputy Marketing Manager-#616

Client Information


Our client is the largest property company in Vietnam. The company has over 1000 staff and provides comprehensive property services.

Job Information

Deputy Marketing Manager

Reporting To
General Manager, Shopping Mall
Marketing Manager, Shopping Mall
Managing Director, Company

Job Scope
The Deputy Marketing Manager has a key role in the development & execution of the Marketing Plan for the Shopping
Centre.  The  position  entails  establishing  marketing  concepts  and  strategies,  and  implementation  of  those  marketing strategies essential for the growth & development of Shopping Mall, in order  to  position Shopping Mall as a leading retail destination in Ho Chi Minh City. Other objectives include boosting awareness, and developing a positive brand perception, to deliver high traffic and turnover for Centre Retailers. The Deputy Marketing Manager also plays a key role in promoting Shopping Mall’s  relationship  with  all  key  stakeholders,  especially  the  Retailers  of  Shopping  Mall,  plus  actual  and  potential shoppers  in  the  catchment  area  of  Shopping  Mall, while retaining and expanding upon the Mall’s customer base through effective and attractive marketing activities.
Specific Responsibilities: (Including but not limited to)
The Deputy Marketing Manager has a key role in the delivery of, and will be required to take responsibility for
some aspects of the Marketing activities, which may include, but are not limited to:  

  • Develop  and  execute  a  rolling  12  month  marketing  &  promotional  calendar  that  ensures  synergy  with  the centre’s strategic intent:
    • of Promotional Events (seasonal and category specific)
    • of Advertising Strategy
    • of Public Relations
    • of Retail Staff Development and Training
  • Encourage maximum participation of centre retailers in centre marketing plan and activities
  • Set measurable objectives for each campaign including but not limited to sales and traffic performance.
  • Align  the  centre  with  local  community  organizations  and  events,  focusing  on  Shopping  Mall  Community Strategy.
  • Network  in  industry  to  ensure  that  sponsorships,  participation  opportunities  and  award  programs  are maximized
  • Track performance of individual retailers to identify under -performing stores and offer marketing assistance if required

Public Relations

  • Establish at time of Business Planning a 12 month PR strategy for Shopping Mall.
  • Distribute  press  releases  to  the  media  in  reference  to  specific  promotional  events,  updates  and  centre achievements
  • Identify  key  stakeholders  within  the  trade  area  and  develop  communication  schedule  to  ensure  regular contact thereby fostering relationships with these key stakeholders.
  • Establish and maintain harmonious relationships with the local business community and city authorities
  • Cultivate  strategic  relationships  and  liaise  with  with  key  sections  of  the  media  and  bloggers  to  ensure appropriate publicity for Shopping Mall.
  • Utilize the Company’s Marketing and Public Relations Manager (based in the HCMC Head Office) for  more detailed press releases, ensuring that approval of the press release has first been gained from the Landlord
  • Maintain awareness of community events


  • Develop, implement & review tactical programs and promotions, from concept, through inception and delivery to  completion,  reflecting  budget  allocations.  This  may  involve  hands-on  elements  of  physically  setting  up displays and working with third parties to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Organize  installation  teams  and  workers  to  install  /  erect  posters  and  promotional/  point  of  sale  material (POSM).


  • Introduce advertising campaigns promoting the Shopping Mall events calendar, from inception to completion, within budget limitations.
  • Liaise with advertising, promotion & event management companies
  • Digital  Media  –  Drive  activity  through  management  and  development  of  media  such  as  website,  blogging, forums  and  social  media.  Ensure  best  practice  is  constantly  reviewed  and  changes  in  digital  trends  are incorporated into the overall digital media strategy.  

Market Research

  • Undertake market research including both qualitative and quantitative research as  required to ensure that all marketing objectives are consistent with the findings of the research
  • Research to establish/identify items including but not limited to:
    • Centre’s trade areas
    • Consumer needs and wants (i.e. for leasing and positional purposes)
    • Consumer attitudes and perceptions towards the centre
    • Competition, trends and activities
    • Customer demographics
    • Suitability of marketing events to customers’ needs
    • Media recognition
    • Economic activity in the region and how this will impact on the future growth of the centre


  • Use the Company’s reporting format to prepare monthly reports for the Landlord highlighting:
    • sales and traffic analysis
    • promotional activities for the month
    • media/PR activities for the month
    • financial situation
  • Analyze  the  monthly  retailer  trading  figures,  occupancy  costs  and  relevant  retail  sales  trends  affecting  the performance of the centre
  • Ensure marketing budget is approved by the Landlord as per the specific requirements and procedures of the Landlord.
  • Prepare  sufficient  information  for  presentation  of  marketing  activities  to  retailers,  detailing  a  review  of activities and results by way of:
    • marketing presentation evenings
    • monthly committee or panel meetings
    • category meetings
  • Maintain adequate records of all media and promotional activities e.g. press clipping file,  in addition to copies recorded in each specific promotional file.
  • Staff Development - Marketing Executives / Assistants,  
    • Ensure that they are given a formal job specification
    • Conduct regular appraisal and review processes
    • Ensure the training and development needs of all staff are addressed
    • Conduct regular team meetings covering upcoming activities and general requirement
  • Develop & implement a Customer Loyalty Programme, and VIP Customer Strategies.
  • Manage all aspects of the Shuttle Bus for the Centre if applicable
  • Develop and implement a Kids Club if applicable.

Professional Specifications

  • Established Deputy Marketing Manager, having gained significant experience either in a similar or comparable position,  or  in  hospitality  or  FMCG  markets  within  a  commercially  oriented  blue-chip  environment  at  Senior Brand Manager/Marketing Executive level or above.
  • Tertiary qualifications in Marketing/Business.
  • Ability  to  create,  estimate  costs,  execute,  and  manage  events  and  promotions  using  highly  developed  event and / or promotions management skills.  
  • Enthusiastic  and  self-motivated  with  ability  to  analyze  complex  situations  and  make  critical  decisions  in  a timely manner.
  • Excellent  research,  organization,  stakeholder  management,  and  negotiation  skills,  with  ability  to  work independently.
  • Experience  in  working  with  new  forms  of  digital  and  online  media,  including  social  media,  blogs,  web  based marketing etc with a strong understanding of the connection between marketing and communications / social media strategy
  • Advanced  Public  Relations  skills  &  experience,  with  established  media  relationships  with  key  journalists  and bloggers
  • Ability  to  effectively  represent  Shopping  Mall  with  or  before  the  media  and  local  authorities  as  well  as  in meetings with various stakeholders.
  • Ability  to  drive  measurable,  sustainable  results,  analyzing  the  efficiency  &  effectiveness  of  marketing initiatives.
  • Strong mentoring/coaching and performance management skills
  • Fluent in both spoken & written English
  • Skilled  in effective written & oral presentation, combined with solid budgeting skills
  • Proficient on software programmes including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint

General Information

Ho Chi Minh



Marketing / PR / Advertising / Communications


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Deputy Marketing Manager job closed

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+84 (028) 38244744 - ext 116

Deputy Marketing Manager


Ho Chi Minh


Marketing / PR / Advertising / Communications


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