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Customer Service,Supply Chain&Planning(CSP)Manager-#436

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Customer Service,Supply Chain&Planning(CSP)Manager


1. CSP Business Direction:

  • Plant Targets: Understand and contribute to the Plant’s three-year Business Plan and Annual Operating Plan.
  • CSP Direction: Within the context of the Plant’s three-year Business Plan and Annual Operating Plan, develop.
  • And get approval for CSP’s two-year Business Plan and Annual Departmental Operating Plan respectively.
  • Direct Reports’ SMART Goals: Communicate CSP’s Business and Annual Departmental Operating Plans to
  • Direct reports (DR) as context for developing their annual SMART Goals. Approve direct reports’ SMART Goals.

2. CSP Delivery Capability:

  • Structure: Continuously improve the CSP organization structure, role profiles and cross-functional work process flows to optimize the effective recruitment, deployment and direction of people in the CSP Department.
  • People: Consistent with the approved structure and role profiles:
    • Maintain a rolling two-year and annual CSP manpower headcount and recruitment plan, including anticipated retirements, resignations, terminations, promotions, transfers and new hires.
    • Maintain and monitor implementation of a rolling two-year and annual CSP manpower development and succession plan, including the task assignments, external and internal job rotations and training (personal, technical and managerial skills) needed by each person, to equip CSP function with the trained know-how to achieve CSP and Plant performance goals.
  • Processes: Develop, get approval for, socialize (within CSP and cross-functionally) and periodically update essential CSP functional policies, procedures, and work processes, in line with Group guidelines.
  • Performance Measures: Establish measures and systems for monitoring and reporting on the performance of the CSP function.
  • Continuous Improvement: Keep updated on and recommends new technologies, tools, methods and people in the market to improve CSP specific processes. Share continuous improvements with other Plant CSPs. Use PIM /CSP Managers’ Meeting as sharing platform if needed. Proactively seek out and adopt continuous improvements from other Plant CSPs as appropriate.

3. Customer-Driven Mindset:

  • Understanding Customers: Within the CSP team, create a deep understanding of customers and their requirements through studying their end-consumer requirements; communicating with customer’s in-person, by phone and by email; visiting their shops; monitoring their websites, catalogues and business news; and through regular updates from TGA.
  • Total Service Concept: Within the CSP team, create a "total service” mindset, i.e. develop a deep knowledge of customers’ requirements - enabling the ability to make proactive product and services recommendations to them; being continuously in touch with customers during order, production and delivery; and proactively following up to check status and solve problems if necessary; to determine the customers’ satisfaction levels and continuously seek new ways to serve them better.
  • Customer Connection: Create and implement programs to develop a committed customer-service mindset and foster employee pride in producing for the Plant’s customers.
  • Continuous Improvement: Establish measures and systems to track and continuously improve customer understanding, employee pride in producing for the Plant’s customers and a committed customer service mindset throughout the Plant.

4. External Customer Engagement*:

  • Direct Deal: Monitor the implementation of Direct Deal and provide guidance where necessary.
  • Customer-Plant Relationship: Facilitate a broad-based understanding between customers and the Plant team so that customers have a full appreciation of the Plant operations, capabilities and commitment to them, and so the plant has a full understanding of customers’ business environments and requirements, as a basis for building a sense of partnership and mutual commitment to each other’s’ success.
  • Customer Service: Hold direct reports accountable for
  • Clarifying and confirming product requirements for samples and bulk production.
  • Proactively communicating product design and/or materials recommendations based on feedback, alternatives, suggestions, and concerns from Sample Room and/or Production.
  • Providing on-demand status updates to customers during the production process.
  • Responding to customer inquiries or feedback throughout entire process from order confirmation through post-sale end consumer complaints, with the full expert input and support from other functions (e.g. QA) when appropriate.
  • Fully understanding and responding to all points in customers’ communications.
  • Finding ways to continuously improve CSP’s service to its customers.
  • Early Customer Problem Resolution: Establish a process to ensure that production problems that may not be able to be solved internally are quickly identified and reported to CSP for early communication and resolution with the customer.
  • Special Customer Requirements: Lead cross-functional teams when needed to focus on new customer requirements or special product requirements.
  • Customer Engagement: Work with TGA to monitor customer satisfaction and engagement, review with CSP and Plant staff and develop continuous improvement programs
5. Internal Customer Engagement:
  • Cross-functional Work Processes: Lead the on-going cross-functional work process flow and interaction between CSP and other Plant departments necessary to support garments being produced and delivered on time, within customers’ quality and quantity standards and within the budgeted cost.
  • Communication of Customer Orders: Monitor the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of customer order communication to appropriate departments. Take appropriate actions where necessary.
  • Systems Effectiveness: Monitor the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of customer orders in systems (e.g.M3, CPA, etc.) and provide guidance where necessary.
  • Fabric and Sub-materials: Monitor the ordering, receipt and delivery of fabric and sub-material to Production and Sample Room within the Group standard. Take appropriate actions where necessary.
  • Logistics Support (if Custom, Document and Shipment Supervisor report to Planning Manage
  • Ensure that the documentation, customs and transportation systems, policies and procedures and workflow meets the end users’ needs, are compliant with key stakeholder requirements.
  • Warehousing: Hold the relevant direct report accountable for receiving, inspecting, processing, storing, and delivering fabric, sub-materials, and finished goods on-time to and from the Factories. (if Warehouse Manager reports to CSP Manager)
  • Cross-functional Problem-Solving: Lead cross-functional team meetings to monitor sample and bulk production progress.
  • Internal Relationships: Personally build relationships with managers and staff from other departments to support effective teamwork.
  • Internal Customer Engagement: Monitor internal customer satisfaction and engagement with CSP interaction and service/support to them, review with the CSP team and develop continuous improvement programs
6. Supplier Engagement:
  • Local Supplier Relationships: Hold direct reports accountable for qualifying, negotiating with, choosing, and working effectively as partners with local suppliers, in line with Group and Plant guidelines related to suppliers.
  • Materials and Sub-materials Requirements: Hold direct reports accountable for
    • Clarifying and confirming materials (where applicable) and sub-materials requirements.
    • Proactively negotiating and working with local suppliers to ensure their understanding of requirements, to get their suggestions and to get their commitment to "the best possible deal” for all.
    • Actively following up with suppliers to ensure goods delivered meet the quality, quantity, timeliness and cost specifications.
    • Working with Headquarters and suppliers to resolve difficulties when encountered.
  • Early Supply Problem Communication: Hold direct reports accountable for working with suppliers to develop an "early warning” system in which suppliers communicate problems that may impact their performance commitments to the Plant. Work with appropriate parties (e.g. HK FS, MM or Customers) to ensure a best possible resolution where needed.
  • Supplier Engagement: Monitor suppliers’ satisfaction and engagement, review with the CSP team and implement continuous improvement.

7. Plant Capacity Utilization”

  • Order Loading: Review weekly the rolling six month Fashion Planning Workbench (FPW) order loading for entire Plant. Hold direct reports accountable for one-month Advanced Production Planning and regular reviews with Head-office PPC. Take the lead in pro-actively looking at cross-functional impacts and actions needed when order loading anticipated be significantly increasing or decreasing.
  • Clarifying and confirming materials (where applicable) and sub-materials requirements.roduction Capacity Planning: Hold direct reports accountable for analyzing order requirements and line options and working with Production Managers and Head-office PPC to match order loading with production capacity (e.g. efficiency, SMV, and headcount).
  • Peaks and Valleys: Resolve fashion order peaks and valleys not capable of being resolved by the CSP Planning and Head-office PPC.
  • Program Order Loading: Adjust program order schedules (pre-produce to fill valleys and reduce quantities to peaks) based on balancing the risk of changing program order schedules with the overall impact of the peaks and valleys.

8. Materials and Sub-Materials Utilization:

  • Fabric Volume and Delivery: Monitor quantity of fabric released to Cutting Room and ensures it is within the Group guidelines. Recommend changes to Group guidelines in line with changes in the business environment if needed.
  • Fabric Problems: Hold direct reports accountable for: communicating with suppliers to resolve late-delivery problems; communicating with Production to find ways to plan in advance how to compensate for fabric problems; communicating with TGA and customers when necessary to resolve fabric problems; and reporting difficulties to HK Fabric Sourcing.
  • Fabric Disposal: Monitor fabric leftover and recommend to Head of Plant disposal in line with Group guidelines.
  • Sub-materials: Monitor sub-materials ordering, utilization, wastage, leftover and disposal and ensure they are within Group guidelines. Make recommendations on adjustments to Group guidelines in line with changes in the business environment if needed.

9. Managerial Leadership of Immediate Team:

  • Business Context: Communicate the "bigger picture” context in which direct reports need to plan and execute work (e.g. world, country, industry, Group, customer and inter-departmental considerations.)
  • Collaborative Teamwork: Establish process for meeting regularly and holding direct reports accountable for effective and collaborative teamwork between departments, at their level.
  • Direct Report Performance Management*: Agree on SMART goals and assignments with individual direct reports and provide continuous managerial guidance and feedback. Provide support for enhancing performance in the current role, conduct mid-year progress reviews and determine year-end performance appraisal ratings.
  • Direct Report Development*: Assess the strengths and development needs of direct reports and coach them in developing their functional/technical and managerial leadership abilities in their current jobs and in line with their role profiles.
  • Recognition and Reward: Provide differential recognition and recommendations for reward incentives for direct reports (pay, promotion, development opportunities.)
  • De-selection: Recommend re-assignment or termination of direct reports where appropriate, supported by a fair "due process” program.
  • Appeals Process: Provide a fair appeals process for employees one level down who have a grievance with their manager.
  • *Note: Manager accountable for: 1) coaching direct reports to improve their performance and their abilities in their current job, 2) assessing future potential of employees one-level down (reporting to the manager’s direct reports)and mentoring them in terms of their career development for future roles, 3) identifying and developing successors for their direct reports.

10. Future Talent Pool:

  • Assessment: Take accountability for self-assessment of how to improve own personal effectiveness in the current role.
  • Feedback: Ask for feedback regarding personal effectiveness from relevant parties.
  • Development Plan: Pro-actively discuss ways for improving personal effectiveness with direct manager. Seek opportunities for learning and growth. Participate fully in development opportunities provided by the Group and consciously apply the learning from the development programs.


  • A university degree
  • A diverse and well-rounded garment merchandising and production planning background
    • minimum 5 years garment manufacturing experience
    •  minimum 2 years garment merchandising, production planning in managerial role
    • possesses great communication skills, customer-driven mindset, can-do attitude
  • Proven leadership competencies in the areas of:
    • built and trained high-performance merchandise/planning teams
    • developed and implemented new Standard Operating Procedures
    • highly aware of and appropriately responds our customers’ needs
  • Proven experience in effectively working cross-culturally, good English language skills
    Understand Supply Chain Management: Warehousing, Logistics etc.

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Customer Service,Supply Chain&Planning(CSP)Manager job closed

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Customer Service,Supply Chain&Planning(CSP)Manager


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