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Assistant Warehouse Manager-#514

Client Information


Our client do Candles-Wholesalers & Manufacturers

Job Information

Assistant Warehouse Manager

1. Manage Raw and Packaging materials warehouse

  • Arrange labors in all activities receiving, unloading, transferring raw materials from suppliers in local and over sea markets
  • Manage, keeping materials in good addition, good arrangement in 5S concepts
  • Follow FIFO rules for receive, transfer materials
  • To ensure stock, balance of materials accuracy 100%

2. Manage spare part, and DO warehouse

  • Manage receiving and transferring spare part for maintenance department
  • To ensure stock, balance of spare part quantity have accuracy 100%
  • To ensure receive right quality of spare part

3. Manage Finished Good WH

  • Manage receiving FG from Production department to ensure receive right quantity, right quality of FG
  • To have good arrangement to optimize capacity for FG WH
  • To ensure stock, balance of FG have accuracy 100%
  • Manage loading activities to ensure loading right quantity, right quality


1. Co-operate with MC & Purchasing department

  • Work with MC, and Pur department about progress of materials delivery
  • To ensure receive right quantity, and feedback any shortage of materials to MC & Purchasing department
  • Co-operate with Purchasing to return poor quality of materials.
  • Co-operate with MC department to write off poor quality materials

2. Co-operate with IQC & QC department

  • Work with IQC department for checking quality of incoming materials, separate poor quality material.
  • Work with QC to take sample for inspection of Customer’s third party

3. Co-operate with Production

  • To receive, arrange Finish goods from Production, storage Finish Goods in good condition
  • To transfer approved materials to Production, Formula department correct in quantity , quality
  • To receive back good materials from Production, Formula department in good manner

4. Co-operate with shipping department

  • Feedback status of Finish goods to ensure Finish goods is ready for shipment as planning.

5. Co-operate with Accountant department

  • Work with accountancy for stock taking monthly, yearly to ensure stock have accuracy 100%
  • To ensure all document of receive, issue, transfer follow accountancy’s requirements


  • University level, any certificate of Warehouse management
  • Professional Qualifications
  • High Attention to Detail
  • Passion for Standards
  • Good Numeric & Literacy Skills
  • Excellent Team Player
  • Flexible attitude to work, ability to adapt to changing demands & requirements to business
  • Knowledge of warehouse/manufacturing layout or design elements as product flow, storage requirements, necessary for effective manufacturing or warehousing management.
  • Ability to communicate performance standards and metrics for raw material delivery, Safety, Housekeeping, Quality , obsolescence & Cleaning to the team
  • PC Language Skills: MS office, specially good in Excel
  • Language Skills
  • English: fluency, able to communicate, read & write
  • Male with strong execution

General Information

Dong Nai



Logistics / Distribution / Freight / Warehouse


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Assistant Warehouse Manager job closed

Pham Phuong Thuy


+84(08)38244744- ext 113

Assistant Warehouse Manager


Dong Nai


Logistics / Distribution / Freight / Warehouse


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