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Area Sales Executive - #1391

Client information


Zippers company

Job information

Area Sales Executive

Activities Expected:

1. Work closely with Sales & Marketing Head to develop sales plan as ‘Group Sales & Marketing Vision’ and road map for the same and take on the on ground sales operations to achieve the milestones and targets set by management from time to time.

2. Maintaining of sales targets details and charts, potential orders ‘funnel’.

3. Maintaining relationships with customer purchase teams as well as business teams to keep tabs on new orders that are likely to come in.

4. Liaising & maintain good relationships with ‘Garment Buying Houses’ to curl out order placement/projections, take approvals and undertake product developments.

5. To finalize targets, and work on achieving them as well as preparing a weekly report on target versus actual.

6. ‘End-To-End’ sales – which involves business development, prospecting, sales, servicing and ending with collection of payments.

Skills Required:

• Bachelors Degree in Commerce, Economics, Foreign Trade (preferably)

• Experience with sales of apparel trims (buttons, laces, labels, zippers) is a must.

• Self-starter, task-oriented planner who focuses on multi-tasking, and getting things done one at a time while working with several customers at once

• Must have strong command on language, adequate presentation skills and very high inter- personal skills

• Persistence and patience are required for performing this role, as it requires continuously working with customers

• Good negotiation skills.

• Should be able to speak, read and write ‘Vietnamese’ and ‘English’.

• Self-motivated.

• Must have a customer-oriented mind-set.

• Must be keen and give utmost attentive to details.

General information

Ho Chi Minh



Sales - Account Management - Client Services


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Nguyen Vuong Van Anh



Area Sales Executive


Ho Chi Minh


Sales - Account Management - Client Services


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