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Area Sale Manager-#508

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100 -500

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Area Sale Manager



This position is responsible for dealing, planning, negotiating, directing and controlling distributors, sales-force of distributors and the activities (both company activities and competitors activities) in his assigned territories

(a) to ensure the attainment of the growth and sales objectives of distribution, merchandising and volume; (b) to guarantee the collection of accounts receivables (if any); and

(c) to train and develop those supervised for increased productivity or for promotion to jobs of higher responsibility.




1. To have an organized and qualified sales-force, keep working with supervisors and DSR in the field (minimum 80% time in filed), and monitoring their work performances through actual working sessions and/or salesmen’s activity reports.

2. To develop the capabilities of the sales responsibilities through continual personalized training, seminars/workshops on product knowledge, development of sales techniques/ strategies, and regular sales meetings.

3. To motivate the sales-force and keep them excited about their work through "leadership by example” personalized training/ work with sessions, regular/periodical performance evaluation, sales bulletins, human relations, and holding of regular sales meetings.

4. To train the salesmen and help them develop individual Account Profile/ Planning Sheets for their top accounts, ensuring that the specific account plans are compatible with the Area’s; to regularly review progress versus the set plans.

5. To regularly review sales reports and important documents/materials, analyze results based on available facts and figures determine opportunities and set priories based on what has the most pay off, identify areas which need immediate and/or long-term direction and initiate the necessary steps/actions to correct the situation.

6. To periodically appraise overall performance of individual salesmen; confer with them on various areas for improvement to boost sales efficiency; to work with them in setting objectives aimed at enhancing performance.

7. To conduct regular field operational sales audits to determine where salesmen are having difficulties so these can be solved/worked out; conduct periods financial and equipment audits to ensure that these accountabilities are properly managed by the field personnel.

8. To implement plans, strategies and programs formatted by Sales and/or Marketing that will help increase brand distribution in the Area; to analyze the results of the implemented activities and to recommend improvements for the future.

9. To conduct regular fieldwork and store check and determine the affectivity of Sales or Marketing- initiated programs and promotions, check competitive activity, assess distribution and merchandising, determine management of the major accounts, and recommend to management appropriate Sales or Marketing indicated actions.

10. To evaluate on a regular basis the volume, distribution and payment performance in assigned territories.

11. To co-operate with Distributor’s Sales Manager and field sales to achieve targets of share and sales volume in assigned territories.

12. To monitor weekly sales results, key performance indicators, competitive activities and market trends on a regular basis and report to all concerned.

13. To manage and train the distributors and their salesmen in improving product mobilization and merchandising.

14. To keep the portfolio of accounts receivable in healthy condition, ensuring that the salespeople collect their charge invoices on time and that each discounts are extended appropriately; to review recommend appropriate credit limits for charge accounts.

15. To provide regular estimates of the Area’s expected sales for the month (on a per SKU basis), in alignment with the objective of good customer service, avoiding stock outs as well as over- stocking.

16. To monitor the operational expenses and Deals spending of his Area, conforming to the pre- approved budgets; to initiate and coordinate productivity- improvement projects which will positively influence the Area’s operations.

17. To implement distributor’s profitability evaluation (Return On Investment ) to ensure distributors have acceptable profitability and stable distribution system.

18. To assist the Regional Sales Director in formulating and implementing departmental sales plans, strategies, promotions and merchandising programs.

19. To assist in the preparation for and in conducting Regional Sales Meetings and product launches.

20. To submit promptly the required records and reports inherent in managing an Area and to develop an efficient/effective system for handing administrative work.

21. To work on order tasks assigned by the Regional Sales Manager.




1. 3-5 years experience in relevant position in FMCG company, prefer candidate with multinational company

2. University graduate or higher.

3. Have strong following skills list :

· Verbal/written communication

· Planning and organization

· Interpersonal effectiveness

· Performance management

· Providing clear, prioritized directions

· Identifying business opportunities

· Analysis and problem solving

· Time Management

· English and Computer literacy

· Team work

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Ha Noi



Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Client Services


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Area Sale Manager


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Sales / Business Development / Account Management / Client Services


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