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100 -500

Our client is leading Korean company

Job Information


Input local & import invoice in system (Item):

  • Check enclosed document order to reasonable our policy (purchase request, receiver's signature, contract…)
  • Check all information on the original invoice to ensure correct
  • Input invoice in SAP System
  • Update exchange rate in SAP system
  • Indicated landed cost for import cargo

Check AR & AP document:

  • Check all information on original and attached document to ensure accuracy
  • Check expense account and affordability
  • Check original AR invoice with SAP system to compare sale quantity & price 
  • Check trucking list from sales team to compare the weight and prices vs quotation
  • Check Ba rôm & A.C.I., viettel bill from sales dept to compare the weight & prices vs quotation

Check Debit note:

  • Check debit note from sales dept (Before sales dept send to our customer, they request must be checking by acc dept

AR Aging report:

  • Make AR aging report to send Korea office & sales team

VAT report:

  • Reconciliation VAT amount between SAP system and VAT report
  • Check original invoice in VAT report one by one

Statistical report:

  • Make statistical report every month
  • Make pricing report for Statistical office
  • Make statistical report end of year

Closing report:

  • Check all account in SAP system (tax account, revenue account,) and carry over them
  • Revaluation exchange rate end of month (oversea vendor and oversea customer)
  • Allocate short & long expense end of month
  • Run fixed asset expense end of month
  • Run costing end of month
  • Input bad debt provision 
  • Make K Sure report
  • Make buying price and quantity report about fabric
  • Reconciliation detail ledger
  • Accrual expense (some expenses not get invoice yet)
  • Make the ALM & financial report 
  • Making checked list to file document (AR & AP & Others documents…)

Tax refund:

  • Make the input invoice list over 20 million VND and bank-slip
  • Make the export declaration list to prove export revenue
  • Prepare some explanation document to submit tax office

Other tasks:

  • Follow discount and compensation document and file to ensure fulling and reasonable
  • Check other document list to ensure fulling
  • Make accounting book for local government
  • Review some supplier contract from other depts.
  • Some duties assigned by chief accountant

* Usually no issues arise, but sometimes evidences are not attached.

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Dong Nai



Financial - Accounting


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Dong Nai


Financial - Accounting


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