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    Welcome to Headhunt Vietnam

    Established in 2011, Headhunt Vietnam is one of the leading recruitment companies in Vietnam focusing on FMCG, Manufacturing, and Oil & Gas industries.

    With the belief that talent is the core asset for businesses to build up their sustainable advantage, we constantly help our clients stay competitive in the increasingly challenging business world by connecting the right talents to the right jobs.

    Our clients include the most demanding multinational and big local companies operating in Vietnam and South East Asia. These clients are ever demanding but Headhunt Vietnam finds the ways to prominently meet the requirements through our in-depth market knowledge, wide network and capable recruitment team

    We have successfully employed more than 1000+ talents, mostly at middle and senior level where the fight for talents in Vietnam appear aggressive.

    Our Services

    Executive search

    We have successfully employed more than 1000+ middle and senior talents for top organizations in Vietnam

    Retained search

    Our advanced retained search model will help you connect with the qualified talents where recruitment needs are strict and methodologically demanding

    Leadership training

    Leading is not a piece of cake mission especially in the era when the definition of leadership keeps evolving

    Student jobs

    connecting students with professional internship and part-time opportunities is not a profit-earning service of Headhunt Vietnam

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    Liên hệ

    Let us help you with your recruitment needs, please contact:

    If you are the Employer: +84 988 029 499

    If you are the Employee: +84 28 7300 1519

    Email: info@headhuntvietnam.com

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